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“Wine is love” is to the motto of Franjo Kolarić, who owns the family winery situated underneath Plešivica near Zagreb. They’re also involved in tourism. Apart from accommodation, they offer autochthonous dishes prepared to family recipes and, naturally, homemade wines.
The Kolarić family are particularly proud of growing grapevines and making wine from old varieties that have almost faded into oblivion so that’s why one of their wines is called just like that: Old Varieties. A wine that used to be a house wine nowadays appeals to the palates of both wine lovers and wine connoisseurs. Freshness, mild acids and mineral notes are this wine’s distinctive features, but its thin body makes it palatable, light and ideal with heavy fatty dishes. Štajerska Belina, Kraljevina, Plavec Žuti and Šipelj are varieties from Plešivica vineyards that are more than 80 years old. Today practically nobody makes wines using these varieties so it can be said that you’re looking at true winemaking cultural heritage.
If you’re into old varieties, you can opt for monovarietal Kolarić Neuburger (2016 vintage), a variety that came to be as a hybrid of Green Silvaner and Pinot blanc. The wine is tender and mineral and it goes great with homemade, cold meats.
In addition to two varieties, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Green Silvaner that Kolarić pays most attention to, you also have Riesling, Chardonnay and Blauer Portugieser. They’re trying to make a true, serious wine using the latter and a gold medal won at a competition in Hungary just goes to prove that they’re on the right track.
Coletti Riesling, aged in wood, is one of the rare examples of Riesling successfully enriched with wood and it has a phenomenal aging potential. They’ve also started using the sur lie method for Chardonnay production. This method requires that the wine remain in a barrel for 12 months on its natural yeasts and own sediment without racking but it needs to be stirred on a regular basis.
The label’s name, i.e. „With Love“, goes to show just how Franjo Kolarić loves Pinot. Rosé With Love is made from Pinot Noir, whereas Selection Pinot Gris With Love is a still onion-coloured wine said to be neither white nor pink, which is why it’s jokingly called brose. This is a semi-dry wine, brimming with scents and pear, tropical and citrus fruit flavours. Both rose wines make perfect, refreshing aperitifs.
Coletti Pinot Gris Classic from 2017 and cold macerated Coletti Pinot Gris from 2016 (grapes, i.e. must are cooled down using dry ice thereby delaying oxidation and fermentation) are also made applying the sur lie method thanks to which the wines owe their creamosity. These balanced wines, full of flavours are known to be called “masculine” because their extract makes them one of the riches white wines and they go great with heavy dishes such as duck or turkey with mlinci and pork or veal roasts.
About three tonnes of first-class Pinot Gris from the 2017 vintage with carefully selected berries resulted in every berry that wasn’t perfect not ending up in a large 1,200 litre amphora imported from Georgia, are patiently waiting for their time to come, but the potential shown already is enormous. Thanks to fermentation on berries the white variety turns dark pink, almost scentless, but it already has a full and strong smell – a wine to remember and worth waiting until it’s launched.
The wine selection is rather wide, but they also offer a semi-sweet late harvest and a completely sweet Ivana slatkica, both made from Pinot Gris.
Kolarić makes two sparkling wines, white Coletti Brut nature and pink Coletti Rosé Brut. Brut nature (non dosage) 2016 is a fresh sparkling wine made from 50% old varieties, 30% Rheinriesling and 20% Chardonnay, it’s aged on yeasts for two years, while it contains mineral notes and moderate acids of Plešivica varieties.
Coletti Rosé is made applying a classic method. It’s made from the best variety for pink sparkling wines, Pinot Noir, which can also be used to make white sparkling wines! Quick processing and short maceration (5 hours at most) are the reason why this wine has a stunning colour, a casual scent of fresh strawberries and sour cherries. A harmonious and completely dry sparkling wine.
Classic sparkling wines that can be a substitute for breakfast.

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The Kolarić family estate has been around for years. They’ve been in the wine business since 1997 when Franjo Kolarić made his first wine, Green Silvaner. The vineyards are located at the position Radenci in the Sveta Jana winegrowing region. They straddle about 6 hectares and contain about 30,000 vines pertaining to several varieties. Old varieties that have almost faded into oblivion and rarely used to make wine stand out in the crowd: Plavec Žuti, Šipelj, Štajerska Belina, Kraljevina, Neuburger... The cellar, which is constantly improved and expanded has a production capacity of more the 90,000 litres of wine of different varieties and labels and recently they’ve started making sparkling wine and amphora wine.
Kolarić wines still can’t be found in retail, but they can be found in restaurants mostly along the coast. Naturally, you can also try them in their restaurants next to the winery and in the summer house of Count Erdödy underneath Japetić. The summer house was built back in 1656 and its terrace boasts an exciting view of the villages and vineyards of Sveta Jana.
The label under which a part of the premium quality wines, limited editions and classy sparkling wines have been launched in recent years is called Coletti. It stems from the family last name and it was coined by a friend from Italy who addressed him as Francesco Coletti.
The Kolarić estate was awarded the gold plaque Sunflower of rural tourism in the Republic of Croatia for the best food and wine preparation estate.