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Try Me! Try Me! Remember me! is the slogan of the family-run Jakovac Winery that reflects the connection between the ambitious youth, love for wine and long lasting tradition. Brothers Ozren and Ognjen, along with a team of young people from the gentle hills of the Erdut vineyards, harvest sunbathed berries and turn them into high-quality and superb wines in their cellar.

A special place in the Jakovac Winery is taken by the top-level black Cuvée, a blend of two varieties: the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon premium line from barrique barrels. The harmonious blend of the full body and specific bouquet of berries perfectly accompany juicy pieces of red meat whose long, tannin-like aftertaste is additionally emphasised by its sweetness.

Preserving freshness with pronounced acids is a demanding task on the sunny slopes of Erdut, and the Jakovac brothers successfully passed that exam as well: a powerful, yet subtle superb semi-dry Traminac fully justifies the addition of fragrants! Subtle aromas of spring flowers and especially of fruits trapped in the bottle indicate a typical sweetness, harmonised with low alcohols only on the nose. Recommendation: sweet, browned pancakes richly filled with cottage cheese, with a little vanilla and topped with sour cream.

Another team player that matches diversity of dishes is Chardonnay for which the Jakovac Winery has serious plans. Gold in colour and with banana aromas and delicious honey notes, with the expected signs of butter and toast, aged on yeasts and further in the bottle is a candidate for a serious top wine.

Sauvignon smells of the vineyard peach and green apple, tropical fruit, elderberry and flowers, it is cool and breezy, pleasantly mineral and especially liked by the wine female admirers, just like Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon, which is affectionately dubbed wine rose of the cellar.

Jakovac Graševina confirms the Queen of Slavonian Wines title. Lively, with special varietal characteristics and pronounced riped pear and expected bitter aftertaste, it can be drunk with any meal or by itself as true refreshment in the summer.

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Contact number +385 (0)98 935 6979

Web www.vinajakovac.hr/pocetna

E-mail info@vinajakovac.hr

Working hours: 8AM - 4PM

Region Slavonia

Address Busija bb, 31226 Dalj


Ozren and Ognjen Jakovac brothers say jokingly that they are građevinars (translator’s note: in Croatian the word is a combination of the words “građevina” meaning “construction” and “vinar” meaning “winemaker”) because they both finished construction engineering, and due to their love for wine, their every free moment takes them to the winery in Dalj and nearby vineyards and cellars in the vicinity of Erdut. The inscription on their labels Jakovac Wine [R]evolution perfectly describes a brand that is constantly developed and responds to challenges of the modern winemaking.