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Giancarlo Zigante, the owner of the famous Zigante truffles brand and the superb namesake restaurant in Livade near Motovun, is also known after the Millennium truffle, the largest found 1.3 kg white truffle, which is registered in the Guinness World Records. Ten years ago, together with the production of olive oil, this successul entrepreneur started viniculture and production of superb wines, which he pairs with seducing truffle dishes in his restaurant.

Simply named Zigante Brut, the light and refreshing sparkling wine of Malvasia is produced under the Charmat method that does not affect quality in any way while significanlty making the production cheaper and more affordable to the general public. A tremulous and refresshing prelude into the Zigante kindgom of gastronomy!

Giancarlo Zigante bottles all of his calm wines into unusual chubby bottles that remind of pharmacy bottles, which certainly makes them distinctive on shelves. Zigante Istarska Malvazija, fresh and nicely balanced wine with pleasand acidity with aromas of herbs and omnipresent apple is also bottled in such bottles.Taste it with especially cooked potaotes served with grated white truffle and you will learn why the potato is called the best friend of truffle.

Ellegant but powerful Rosé Castagna (Itlian name for the place Kostanjica) of Teran and Cabernet Sauvignon, which are sometimes complemented by some old varieties such as plavina and Vranac, and refreshing Cuvée Frasco (Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Pinot Bijeli) confirm the extreme attention paid at Zigante during vinification of non-aged wine, because these wines are ideal refreshment in hot summer afternoons.
Since the first harvest in 2012, by rule, red wines have been prepared for aging: mono-variety Cabernet Sauvignon and San Stefano blend (Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon) are lighter and softer wines suitable for relishing with light red meat dishes.

What Malvasia is for white wines, Teran is for red wines: Zigante also produces perfect Terano San Stefano Gran Riserva that is aged for 18 months in the French barrique, and then settles in bottles for some time. The 2013 wine is especially recommended for stronger, caloric dishes such as red meat roast or homemade sour cabbage with sausages, which it perfectly matches because of its distinctive acids and pleasant tannins.

The Giancarlo Zigante Winery offer has recently been rounded with a line of sweet dessert wines: Passito White and Passito Black.

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Working hours: 12AM - 10PM

Region Istria

Address Livade 7, 52427 Livade


Beneath the mediaeval settlement of Kostanjica in the vicinity of Grožnjane, Giancarlo Zigante planted 6 hectares of vineyards dominated by the specific Istrian terroir. White earth, the ideal microclimatic conditions on the sunny hills of the Frasco location, 300 meters above the Mirna River and superb varieties of the primarily authentic Malvasia and Teran are ideal preconditions for the production of top quality grapes. A wine cellar eqipped with the state-of-the-art technology, in which wines ferment in inox vessles filled with inert gas, enable deepened freshness and durability to wines.