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Since ancient times Feričanci have shown exceptional knowledge and skill in the cultivation of grapevines and the production of wine which they care for day after day. The building of the old wine cellar and the first vineyards of Frankovka, as well as the unprecedented rise of winegrowing from the 18th to 21st centuries are clear evidence why Feravino is one of the most respected Croatian wineries that nurtures their sorts over more than 160 hectares of vineyards.
The vineyards are located in the western part of Osijek-Baranja County, on the slopes of the Krndija mountain, where in 1962 the Feravino Cellar was also built. Due to the size they are situated over three localities: Feričanci, Zoljan and Ceremošnjak.

In this picturesque landscape, they develop a range of wines which will make your taste buds dance. The Miraz range is named after a traditional custom where a bride, before getting married donates many assets, which she carries into the new home. At the head of this range is Graševina, which is joined by four premium red wines, Miraz Frankovka, Miraz Cabernet Sauvignon, Miraz Pinot Noir and Miraz Syrah, as well as the white wine Miraz Chardonnay.
The Dika range on whose label is a motif taken from the sleeve of a ‘surka’ coat, an integral part of the male folk costume that is associated with Slavonian tradition.

In the full Dika range there are three whites, two reds and one rosé. Dika Graševina, as the head of the range won the championship prize at the Croatian Graševina Festival in 2009. In London, at the London Wine Fair of 2010, at the Master Class, the Dika Graševina (2009 vintage) was assessed as the best white wine. The Dika range also consists of the premium Dika White Pinot, the refined Dika Chardonnay, Dike Zweigelt, Dika Frankovka and the delicate Dika Rosé.
To the Feravino range of sorts they also add the Nouveau range, a Young Frankovka 2015 which is the result of the ideal position of the vineyard, a superb winegrowing year and the vine with the experience of 35 harvests. Beautiful, sparkling and vibrant dark red colours of ripe cherries, slender body, light taste and discreet fine smells of the sort are just some of the epitaphs that describe this exceptional wine.

However, nothing can pass without the excellent Virtuo sparkling wine, which due to its moderate strength with somewhat high overall acidity is an excellent choice for any celebration.
Feravino can boast that they have won two gold prizes at the 12th Emozioni dal Mondo international appraisal of wine, and that was for the Merlot Miraz 2012 and the Cabernet Sauvignon Miraz 2012.

Frankovka (Blaufränkisch) ice harvest 2015 and Graševina (Welschriesling) Miraz 2016 won the bronze medal at the IWC (International Wine Challenge). The bronze-winning Frankovka is the first ice wine made from this grape variety in the Feričanci cellar and whoever tries it is blown away, whereas the exceptional Graševina Miraz lures you with its developed varietal aroma, pronounced fragrant components and accentuated creamy and fruity features.

Grasecco and Francesca are an up-and-coming trio on Croatia’s wine scene! Refreshing yet light, they’re just perfect for hot summer evenings. Grasecco is made of 100% Graševine (Welschriesling), while Francesca is made of 100% Frankovke (Blaufränkisch)! The new stars of Feravino will entice those who love these varieties, but also younger crowds who will first notice the fantastic modern label - outlandish, hipster and something completely different from what Croatia winemakers usually roll out. Modern and urban Francesca won the first place and a title ''Best sparkling'' in Villány during the first cross-border wine evaluation of rose wine - Első Határmenti Rozé Borverseny Villány

Grasecco is rolled out in two categories – brut and extra brut with the difference between the two being the sweetness level. Both Graseccos have a gentle greenish colour, a fruity smell of green apples in combination with icy freshness and possess a pleasant almond bitterness of Graševina (Welschriesling). Francesca has a gentle pink colour, a subtle smell of ripe pomegranate and a rich prolonged flavour dominated by strawberry and raspberry.

But what are wines without a good wine cellar where enjoying drops of the wine nectar becomes an unforgettable experience to be remembered. The Feravino winery is proud of its technological cellars for the controlled fermentation of red and white wines, its modern bottling plant, its old cellars for the ageing of red wines in barrique barrels and the halls for tasting, presentations, wine school, team building and other wine research. In this beautiful environment all the wine related activities will become your favourite theme, which will bring together the whole story, from the tour of the vineyards, the tastings to learning about the sorts, into a unique experience.

From 1996, the Feravino winery was owned by the Nexe Group, after which it operated as an independent company and in 2015 it was integrated into the company Osilovac d.o.o, who took over all the rights and obligations of the Feravino company, and the name Feravino became the winery's brand.

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Contact number 031/603-213, 031/603-823

Web feravino.hr/o-nama/

E-mail feraino@osilovac.hr

Working hours: Wine tasting is possible with prior announcement. Minimum 4 people.

Region Slavonia

Address Feričeva 16; 31 512 Feričanci


The area of the Feričanci municipality is located in the western part of Osijek-Baranja County. Agriculture has always been an essential part of the economy in these regions. In the development of the agricultural economy the cultivation of grapevines has always been especially prominent throughout history. The origins of grapevine cultivation date back to the 13th century. The cultivation of grapevines, the attitude towards winegrowing, the processing of grapes and viticulture today has reached professional levels.

From 1996 the Feravino winery was owned by the Nexe Group, after which it operated as an independent company and in 2015 it was integrated into the company Osilovac d.o.o, who took over all the rights and obligations of the Feravino company, and the name Feravino became the winery's brand.

Osilovac d.o.o has implemented the IFS norm in the Feravino winery company. The International Food Standard, which ensures that the products are safe for consumption and are compliant with the applicable legal regulations, produced in controlled conditions of controlled raw materials, with the risk of deviation from the set parameters of the products reduced to a minimum.

The company has introduced a food safety management system into its business in order to operate preventively and ensure safety through all the processes that the product passes: production, preparation, transportation and storage. The system is checked and its efficiency assessed once a year.