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Motovun, the most developed tourist region in Croatia, houses the best preserved mediaeval fort in the Istrian peninsula. The acropolis-shaped settlement is located on top of a hill.

Motovun, called “the hill of movies, truffles and wine”, is a prestigious Istrian wine destination, which is no wonder given the ideal climate conducive to viticulture. The warm air coming from the sea mixes with the cold air and just goes to show the excellent quality. Temperatures greatly vary during the summer, the days are hot and the nights are cold. The clay soil retains moisture and during dry summer days the rocky soil is ideal for “thirsty grapevine” because it provides minerality, which is unusual given the red soil most commonly found next to the sea. The soil is called white soil and it’s a combination of marl and slate. It looks like rock, but actually it’s sand that crumbles.

Marko Fakin started pursuing viticulture professionally in 2010, they produce between 70 and 75 thousand bottles of wine per year with 40,000 being young Malvasia.

Fakin wines have the best price-quality ration, the bottles cost about HRK 60,00, which is surprising considering the prices of other classic Istrian winemakers.

The Fakin family farms 27 hectares of vineyards which are partly privately owned and partly owned by the state but leased by the family for a number of years. They have new vineyards, but some of them are 70 and 40 years old. The old vines provide a potent, large and rich basis for the wine. In addition to Teran and Malvasia, the also have Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier and Pinot noir in their vineyards.

Malvasia la Prima 2015 aged in wood for 12 months won 95 points and the gold medal at Decanter’s world evaluation, while Malvasia 2016 won 89.25 points and was the actual winner of Vinistra as the best graded white wine. Aside from base simple, fresh and fruity Teran wines, Fakin has special Teran wines which have undergone a long maceration process lasting from three months up to a year. B&M Teran bears the initials of Marko and his wife Bety, it’s an eccentric wine with a rich structure, whereas Teran Mišel was named after his son and stylistically made as Amarone. The Fakin family is well on track of including large Teran wine in the world wine map. Fakin is still learning and doing experiments, but a bright future lies ahead of him.

Bred location, located at 260 metres above sea level, contains the vineyards and boasts the most beautiful view of Motovun.

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Contact number 092/2399-400

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Region Istria

Address Bataji 20, Brkač; 52424 Motovun


Fakin wines are a blend of experience, a long-standing family tradition and commitment to hard work.
The offer Malvasia aged for six months, Malvasia La Prima aged for 12 months, Chama sparkling wine, Teran Il primo aged in wood for 12 months, half-sweet dessert wine Muškat žuti, Teran B&M dry, wine macerated for 12 months and then aged for 12 months, base Teran aged for 12 months, unofficial Istrian Amatone Mišel Teran and semi-dry Teran rosé wine.