Enio Zubin family agricultural farm olive oils


It is located on the highest point of the town of Umag, in Buščina, mostly on karst terrain covered with red soil. Right in this area, in coexistence with the lavender and arugula, is the olive grove of the Zubin family, who over 20 hectares produce top olive oil from their 3,500 olive trees. The olive trees are cultivated in an ecological way, harvested in October and processed in a cold press procedure.

Flos Olei, the prestigious guide of the best extra virgin olive olives of the world in the ‘best of the best’, listed the oil Oio de Buščina, a monovarietal of the Črnica sort, from the Enio Zubin family agricultural farm, amongst the 20 best olive oils in the world. This oil was declared the best extra virgin olive oil in the world in the monovarietal oil of medium fruitiness category.

Oio de Buščina, Selection and the monovarietal oil of the Crnica variety are an intensive golden yellow colour with gentle green tones. The aroma is clear and rich, with herbal notes of artichokes, burdock and green salad, combined with accentuated aromatic hints of mint and rosemary. The taste is rounded and strong, enriched with herbal notes with a hint of vegetable and a spicy note of black pepper plus a final taste of almonds. It is characterised by a clear bitterness and distinct sharpness.

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Region Istria

Address Bušćina 18 b; 52 470 Umag


The Enio Zubin family agricultural farm is located in Buščina, the highest point of the town of Umag. Part of the olive grove has been “pulled up” due to neglect, whilst next to it another three hectares have been planted, and this is mainly on the karst terrain, red soil. The processing is ecological, and the olives grow in a coexistence with lavender and arugula. The harvest is in October, and the olives are cold processed the same day. The olive mills Agro-Millo in Baredine and Anmar in Novigrad process it.
The extra virgin olive oil ‘Oio de Buščina’ is a green-yellow colour, thick, with a pleasant smell of artichokes, freshly cut grass and almonds. The taste is bitter, intensively spicy and gently aromatic of mint, sage and rosemary.

The production is ecological, so the oils are also recommended as a remedy for stomach problems.
The Enio Zubin family agricultural farm is one of 11 founders of the cluster of olive growers in Istria formed in 2008 to whom at a competition the acknowledgement as the best in the ‘Category of creative and innovative social-development project of 2008’ was awarded.

Selection 0.5 l – extra virgin olive oil produced from six types of olives, which are: Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, Istrian Bijelica, Coratina and Picholine

Buža - extra virgin olive oil 0.5 l
Bjelica - extra virgin olive oil 0.5 l
Črnica – extra virgin olive oil 0.5 l – a fresh oil of accentuated spiciness, bitterness, a sweet taste and the smell of olive fruits
Maslina 2008 – gold medal for the Istrian Bjelica olive sort
Umag 2008 – gold medal, champion for the Buža olive sort
Vinistra 2008 - silver medal for the Bjelica olive sort
Slow Food 2008 – catalogue for the Buža olive sort
L’Extravergine 2008 – catalogue for the Bjelica olive sort