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A large blossom of poppy (coquelicot in French), the plant that first blooms around vineyards, is the trademark of the Istrian winery with French flair where Chardonnay and Malvasia – harvested in the vineyards on the hills near Motovun and Kosinožić, are sur lie aged in Burgundy 228 liter barrels and stored, of course, in Burgundy bottles.

Koquelicot wines are elegant and strong, but not “pumped up”, and have recognisable while discrete notes of wood. They and are aged on their own yeasts – this is what differs them from the French wines that prevented from this by the climate – and undergo cold maceration and are then fermented in young barrique barrels made of French oak.

The top Chardonnay Belaigra Grand Cru (whose 2015 and 2016 harvests, along with the 2017 harvest at this year’s IWSC won the Decanter Silver) is a blend of grapes from the red and white Istrian land, which aged for 10 months in barriques. Quite dense, with the aromas of apricot and of orange peel and with the taste of peach, red apple with hints of vanilla and caramel, this wine becomes better and better in years and matches excellently white fish and pasta with intensive cheese sauces. Real Burgundy in Istria!

Macerated Chardonnay Epicuria is wine that you cannot find at any other place. it is a medium-body wine, with the feeling of apple on the nose and the palate and the slight taste of vanilla. It is best when aired a little before tasting with various types of grilled cheese or shrimps.

Malvazija Fugaz is another specific Koquelicot wine: macerated for several days and left on its own yeasts for ten months in barriques, this Malvasia is quite different than usual – besides being found in really very small quantities, it will surprise you by its complexity and taste. It regularly wins medals at Vinistra, and last year it also won the Decanter Silver Medal for the 2016 harvest.

Santa Chiara is an elegant complex blend made of 85% Malvasia and 15% Chardonnay: balanced, soft, flowery (sage) and fruity (quince), it finely matches mushroom dishes and risotto with a lot of vegetables. At the World Malvasia this year, it won the Gold medal.
In 2014, the year that was bad for the winemakers, Domaine Koquelicot produced two sparkling wines by a classical method. They did it from Chardonnay whose fine bubbles you can enjoy more with some oyster. They were both awarded the Decanter Bronze: zero dose Kontempo is more robust, while the extra brut Luna is more flaunting.

Along with the white wine, they have lately produced in significant quantities the seductive red blend Nomad, from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Teran, in an effort to present the otherwise strong Teran in a lighter variety, close to the Bordeaux blends with less present tannins while keeping the long, intensive aftertaste. It is recommended with lamb or truffle pasta.

Koquelicot, i.e. poppy that is used for producing opium causes addiction, exactly as these Istrian wines with French flair.

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Region Istria

Address Gračišće 19, 52403 Gračišće


The Domaine Koquelicot Winery (translated as the Poppy Winery) owned by true lovers of Burgundy, the married couple Jacqueline Marovac and Olivier Ertzbischoff is located in charming Gračišće where the Smotra Wine Festival of Central Istria takes place.
It currently purchases grapes from contract farmers and their Burgundy style Chardonnay Belaigra and Epicuria, sur-lie aged, Malvazija Fugaz, the blend of Malvasia and Chardonnay Santa Chiara, and recently, the red blend Nomad along with the two Blanc de Blancs sparkling wines have gained a lot of fans who want to try something different.