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Srednja i Južna Dalmacija

Marija Mrgudić and her three children, her brother Niko Bura and his two children, everybody with their own assignments, make a wine dream team. Their Plavac wines from two top positions at Postup and Dingač are among the best in Croatia, though with very affordable prices. Series are limited (2,000 bottles a year) not because of small-size areas under wine but due to low yields (400 to 500 g per vine) of the constantly sunlit slopes on the south coast of Pelješac because of which the berries have low amounts of liquid and low-levels of the uncompromising traditional vinification (in wooden barrels) on natural yeasts.

Owing to three-fold solar irradiance and aromas of sea salt and Pelješac grass trapped beneath the plug, Bura s Dingača wine has robust body, enjoyable bitter taste, strong tannins and balsamic notes that are adored by men. Mare comes from Postup, a less steep area, and that Plavac wine is a tamed shrew that is more relished by women even though alcohol levels are sometimes above 17%! Everybody who wants to learn how Plavac Mali from the unique terroir tastes like and discover its seducing aromas and full taste – Mare and Bura are school homework that must not be missed!

The Galerija blend, with labels that differ from one to another blend, follow the changes in the ratio of Plavac Mali, Cabernet Sauvignon and Marselan, which changes depending on the harvest and yield quality. This red wine is appealing to everybody who finds the Plavac taste too intensive and strong. Herbal features and the true gallery of colours, tastes and aromas in both the bottle and on the bottle will surprise you.

Americans’ love for Zinfandel – as they call Crljenak or Tribidrag, a variety that have almost gone to oblivion in Croatia – is obvious through the Benmosche label under which Marija Mrgudić has produced a few very good and warm though refreshing Zinfandel wines, at an urge of the US businessman.

The dessert red Prošek Moskar is made of Plavac Mali whose berries are dried at least for 15 days at the Dingač position, and then stay in glass demižanas (glass demijohn bottle) for up to 2 years. This wine should be tried with home-made arancini and mantala, traditional dessert made of must. White Prošek of Maraština is produced in the same way, and its strength will remind you that Pelješac white wines also have their place in the sun.

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The Bura-Mrgudić Boutique Family Winery produces annually about 30,000 bottles from their own vineyards on a total area of 7 hectares, some of which are located at top microlocations on Pelješac: the monosort Bura is made of Plavac Mali grown at Dingač, and the Mare line is bottled from Postup. They also produce Zinfandel Benmosche (Crljenak), White and Red Prošek, autochthonous Rukatac, and the intriguing Galerija blend.