Brachia Olive Oil


The fertile Dalmatian land, Bura wind, love of land and hard-working olive growers' hands have contributed a great deal to the development of olive oil production in the region of Dalmatia. The people of Brač tell an interesting story of the beginnings of olive tree growing. They say that “the famous Trojan warrior Antenor sailed to the island that he named Brachia (Brač) after his previous Greek residence of Ambrachia. He also brought his wine grower Silenus, who, according to the legend, planted an olive sprout on the island. The olive found a fertile ground in the scanty soil of Brač and brought life to generations of islanders.”

Uje is the first Croatian oleoteca, launched with the mission of promoting the top quality Croatian olive oils. In the last few years, Uje has become the central point in promotion and sales of top quality Croatian olive oils and delicacies. Uje is also the owner of the following well-known brands: Uje selection, Aroma Mediterranea and Brachia. The most famous one is Brachia, which boasts of numerous awards, especially for the design of the package. It is most proud of the WorldStar Award for design in 2006, when Brachia pottery became the best food packaging in the whole world. The Brachia line consists of several different products. First in line is the olive oil line, named simply Brachia. After that, there is Brachia Premium and Brachia Organic, produced in a certified plant with organically grown olives from Brač. Brachia varietal contains autochthonous varieties of olives such as Levantinka, Drobnica, Oblica, Lastovka and Buharica. The last in line is Brachia aromatized olive oil which has an assortment of olive oils flavoured with lemon, sage, garlic, chilli, mint, oregano, rosemary and basil. The bottles containing this divine golden “juice” are definitely noteworthy, so many buy them as souvenirs.

Uje company, which is behind the well-known olive oil brand Brachia, offers a great variety of different wines, oils and other delicacies, which go perfectly together. Uje has worked on enhancing the consumption and promotion of olive oil through various projects and, with the help from partners, they have organized various events such as Olive oil festival in Zagreb and Olive oil week in Split. They work closely with the project Croatia land of olive oil. In order to bring the end consumers as close to olive oil as possible, they have started a project called Olive oil gallery. It is a unique project which aims to raise awareness of the importance of olive oil use furthermore. The gallery is located in Zagreb, in the Kaptol Centre, and there is a small oleoteca within the gallery. Uje operates through 15 oleotecas nowadays, situated on the Adriatic coast and in Zagreb. If you wish to enjoy olive oil and the specialties related to it in one way or another, we certainly recommend visiting Uje oil bar, with an accompanying wine bar, lounge and Pikulece snack bar, which make up a unique gastronomic complex in the centre of Split. The educated personnel will present you with olive oils and wines and you will try some of the traditional Dalmatian specialties, prepared with olive oil, of course.

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Contact number +385 99 246 9550



Working hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9 – 23h

Region Dalmatia-Split

Address Trg Stjepana Radića 3, 21425 Selca, otok Brač



Brachia Ceramic Bottle 0.25 and 0.5 L

Brachia Ceramic Bottle 0.5 L in a luxury box
- Brachia Ceramic Bottle 0.25, Brachia Ceramic Bottle 0.25 lemon flavoured and Brachia Ceramic Bottle 0.25 chilli flavoured

Brachia 0.75 and 1 L

Brachia Premium
- Brachia Premium 0.1 L
- Brachia Premium 0.75 L
- Brachia Premium 0.5 L
- Brachia Premium 0.25 L

Brachia Organic - Brachia organic 0.25 L

Brachia varietal
- Levantinka, Drobnica, Oblica, Lastovka and Buharica in bottles of 0.1 L

Brachia flavoured
- 8 flavours packaged in 0.1 L and 20 ml bottles