Bolfan Vinski Vrh

Zagorje – Međimurje

When the Roman soldiers returned from the wars, they paused on Vinski Vrh, refreshed themselves with the wine and prepared for new campaigns. On windy nights, the legend says, fairies and elves visited them and encouraged them with song. Even today on Vinski Vrh, during moonlit nights, the song of the fairies and elves can be heard from the cellar. This is part of the fairy tale story of Bolfan Vinski Vrh in Hraščina near Zlatara in Hrvatsko Zagorje. And the wine region is also often sung about.

The vineyards are on a beautiful hillside from which four mountains can be seen - Ivančica, Strahinčica, Medvednica and Kalnik. Owner Tomislav Bolfan is a staunch bio-believer so he does not use artificial fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. He replenishes the soil with stable manure, for which he also has Red Angus cattle, and in the vineyard he has built an insect “hotel” and assured the conditions for the propagation of other animals that help the health and balanced growth of the vines. The cellar is above the vineyards and from the harvest to the start of the grape processing is just a few minutes. The must is precipitated without the use of sulphur, and fermentation is mostly stimulated with natural yeasts. The wines carry the eco label and are produced in three lines. The Bolfan are fresh and playful, mainly young wines of fruity aromas, the Primus are wines of a strong body, matured in barrels and in the bottle, full of aroma and long-lasting taste, whereas the Paidia are special, different, fiery… The assortment is varied. Amongst the white sorts by quantities, as well as by quality, the Sauvignon and Rhine Riesling dominate, there are also strong, fine Pinot Gris, and there is also a Yellow Muscat.

Most of the reds are Pinot Noir. Next come Cabernet Sauvignon, Portugizac and Frankovka. Besides these sorts of wines, he also makes the white and red blend Breg, there are also two sparkling wines, the dry Centurion Gold and the sweeter one Centurion Silver.

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Region Central Croatia

Address Gornjaki 56 49283 Hraščina


The soil on which the Bolfan vineyards are planted can be classified in the group of soils with a mainly marly base and soft Sarmatian and Lithothamnion limestones, which have caused the rather limited development of a stronger underlying soil, and in this way on the steep slopes they have cooperated in the creation of sandy loamy soils ideal for the cultivation of vines and the production of high-quality wines.

The Bolfan vineyards nurture natural cultivation and the application of biodynamic methods and the preservation of quality and naturalness.
With the preservation of the natural balance in the vineyard, useful microorganisms are being developed, which otherwise with the present excessive use of chemical fertilisers and artificial methods of protection in the conventional methods of cultivation would be destroyed. In this way, it is possible to return to the wine its maximum naturalness, smell and strength, and to protect it from unwanted diseases and pests.
The cellar is located in the centre of the vineyards, which is sometimes of key significance for obtaining the high intensity of the sorts' smells and aromas in Bolfan wines.
The grapes are harvested by hand and from the moment of cutting to the moment of crushing or pressing takes no more than 20 minutes.

The latest technology combined with proven traditional methods and equipment for the obtaining the maximum potentials of the grapes are used.
All the procedures in the processing of the must are designed in order to ensure wines with different tastes, for various occasions, and the maximum amount of natural smells and aromas from the grapes of the Bolfan vineyards.