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The winery produces six wines, three sparkling and three still wines under the Barun label, and preparation of three more sparkling wines is under way. Exceptionally accentuated fruity aromas in all Barun wines have been obtained owing to cold maceration of up to ten days, and sparkling wines are made under the classical method and age in own yeasts for one to three years.

Manzoni Elegance Extra brut is the most popular sparkling wine of the Barundić Winery in Krašić, named after the Italian professor who crossed Riesling and Bijeli Pinot almost 90 years ago. Varietal characteristics are fully preserved and adjusted: Bijeli Pinot complements the weaker body of Riesling, and scents of the vineyard-growing peach, pear and apple mix with citrus aromas only to ultimately smell of freshly baked bread. Liqueur is not added to Manzoni Elegance for aroma and sweetening (zéro dosage). Good acids of the base Manzoni refresh and satiate thirst, and literally call for more, whether you have it as aperitif or with traditional dishes like cold meats, cheese with cream, trout from Žumberak streams nearby, or salty strudel and gibanica.

For those who fall in love easily there is a fragrant and semisweet Amoureux Extra sec of muscat which is a companion to fruit desserts, but also to more spicy foods and semi-hard, mature cheeses. Many small beads bring to the palate an explosion of sweetness, and a smell of green apples, pears and flowers into the nose. Ideal wine for those who are just starting to learn about the world of wine.

A classic, rose Le Rosé Brut is rounded sparkling wine from Pinot Noir, which confirms that the best Croatian Pinot Noir wines are from Plešivica. Refreshing, with harmonious body and the subtle aromas of strawberry, it matches incredibly well with the pissaladière tart with onions, olives and anchovies and the Provencal herbs.

Marquis Pinot Noir is an easy wine version of Pinot Noir, macerated for a month and sur lie aged in wooden barrels. The varietal fruitiness of red fruits, particularly ripe cherries, wild strawberries and raspberries, mixed with sweet spices from the oak comes to the fore. The attractive combination of sweetness and acidity in the aftertaste, of pleasant and soft tannins nicely complements roasts like pig, goat and lamb, as well as dishes of duck or goose. It has a great potential for aging in bottles.

For Graševina, the Barundićs say that it is like a girl in a summer dress in whose company in warm days, it is equally nice in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. Charming and attractive wine where the green apple has the last word, whether it is about the colour, taste or scent. Low alcohols and mild acids correspond to the more delicate white sea fish, but also the river fish such as pike perch or trout.

Dry Manzoni is elegant and fine wine of moderate alcohol and acidity, delicate citrus aromas mixed with notes of melon, peach and pear. It lasts long in the mouth and complements the food that is not heavy such as meals from white meat or with the king of the Adriatic Sea depths, the dentex. If you manage to find the elegant and sophisticated Barun Manzoni Ice, be sure to try it!

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Not far from Zagreb, in the Dolina kardinala at the foot of Krašić, Josip and Mara Barundić decided to seriously continue the family tradition ten years ago, however they made a shift at the very start: they decided to focus more on sparkling wines and expand the assortment with vine that was not a typical choice and was overshadowed by more popular varieties, and thus on a total of 4 hectares, along with Graševina, Muscat Blanc and Pinot Noir they planted the Manzoni variety. A special curiosity is the more than 100 years old vineyard, which has only about 400 vines of traditional varieties from Krašićko vineyards: graševina, kraljevina, plavec žuti, plamenka, lipovina, štajerska belina and white and yellow Muscat. All these varieties give grapes for the base wine for special sparkling wine with the working title 100+, which we will have to wait for at least for another two years because it still matures in magnum bottles.