Zagreb in January becomes a ski Mecca

The Snow Queen Trophy ski races of the Audi FIS Ski Cup, organized since 2005, are taking place from 4 to 7 January 2020. This year, we are expecting the arrival of about 200 best slalom racers from 25 countries in men’s and women’s categories.

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When they go to their favorite weekend excursion site, Zagrebians say “We are going to Sljeme.” Saying this, they have Medvednica in mind, only its summit being named Sljeme. Few capitals have a mountain in their midst. There are over 50 hiking trails, numerous mountain huts crowded with visitors during weekends. While the city is still living in the festive atmosphere, Sljeme will host some of the best contemporary skiers, for whom the Snow Queen Trophy is high on the list of favourite ski races of the FIS World Cup. The Snow Queen Trophy ski races of the Audi FIS Ski Cup, organised since 2005, is taking place from 4 to 7 January 2020. We are expecting the arrival of about 200 best slalom racers from 25 countries in men’s and women’s categories. Thus, Sljeme will host the Audi FIS World Cup women’s race for the fourteenth time and men's race for the eleventh time. In addition to this major event on the global scale, if you are visiting Zagreb, have in mind that it really has something to offer in gastronomic terms as well. If you like international cuisine, Dalmatian, traditional Zagreb cuisine, anything you wish for, you will find it in Zagreb! Therefore, connoisseurs of good food, go and conquer the restaurants! It is difficult to separate the best ones, so we will give you only a few suggestions of what Zagreb has to offer.

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Time Restaurant & Bar is an Asian fusion restaurant in the heart of Zagreb, located at the corner of Petrinjska and Amruševa streets. With its “industrial meets New York” design, the impressive five-meter high ceilings and a long counter, it has become a popular place in Zagreb. The menu mainly revolves around superb sushi, made in an open sushi bar, but there are also many other Asian dishes from Japan, Thailand, China and India, often with European influence.

Takenoko , situated at the corner of Gundulićeva and Masarykova streets, represents fine dining, evident in its interior, inspired by the world capitals, its great atmosphere and exceptional service, carefully selected wines and imaginative presentation of the dishes. It has become renowned largely for its great raw fish dishes.

If you want to experience a touch of Dalmatia in the heart of Zagreb, there is Ribice i tri točkice, a restaurant located at a five minute walk from the centre of the capital. You can enjoy its pleasant atmosphere, listening to the sounds of Dalmatian music, its simply and colourfully arranged tables and a casual and playful interior. Having in mind this restaurant is situated in the centre of Croatia, its offer may be considered rich. The menu contains a really great selection of specialties from in and around the sea, including ​​olives, marinated anchovies, tuna pâté and prosciutto, as well as various carpaccios and salads with prawn and octopus.

- Our entire interior is decorated in Dalmatian style. Our offer is diverse, and the house specialties are shrimps and shellfish allabuzara, cuttlefish and squid goulash with polenta, tuna pašticada, cod fish – we were told at the restaurant.

And if you want a classic Zagreb lunch, we recommend Šestinski lagvić.

If you follow the winding road running from the downtown to the first slopes of Medvednica, you will arrive at Šestinski Lagvić and a view of beautiful Zagreb after a ten-minute drive. The very entry into the restaurant will wake up your inner gourmand, asking “what did our ancestors eat?” Everything you eat there is home-made and tasty, such as various dishes from the spit and grill, risotto and fuže, strudels, as well as Slavonian kulen and Dalmatian prosciutto.

- Everything here is fresh and home-made, so people always return gladly – we were told at Šestinski Lagvić.