Top 12 restaurants where some of the world’s stars have recently eaten at

You probably planned your summer holidays to the tiniest detail a long ago, and still, you might be among the ones who yearn to meet their favourite actors and singers?

Image author: Grgo Jelavić/PIXSELL

Croatia is a beautiful country with excellent foodstuffs our numerous restaurants rise to the highest level. You yourself have probably at least once visited taverns and restaurants in Dalmatia and Istria whose walls show off images of famous home and international celebrities, and more recently, TV stations and numerous media can’t wait to “catch” a celebrity eating in a restaurant. Just like they captured Jessica Alba dining at the Dubrovnik’s excellent Posat Fish Restaurant a few days ago...

We didn’t ask them afterwards what they had eaten and how satisfied they were, but it would be great if they got back and thus enhanced even more the exquisite image of our country. Well, let us not be too lengthy, here is some information about where some famous actors, singers, statespersons, and athletes have dined, so drop around those places this summer. You might even meet them...

Samuel L. Jackson at the Sofra and Brewbites

Although after Rovinj nobody noticed Salma Hayek and Samuel L. Jackson in Zagreb, the famous actor’s numerous fans got their chance to see him. Actually, owing to the shooting of scenes from “The Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard,” great Samuel L. Jackson visited the Sofra and Brewbites, where he was even served “Royal with cheese”!

Jamie Foxx at the Takenoko in Dubrovnik

On the set of the new “Robin Hood”, the camera caught famous American actor Jamie Foxx. Even though the movie did not go well with the audience, this handsome young man managed perfectly in Dubrovnik and later he highly praised it on every possible social network.

John Malkovich at the Bevanda in Opatija

While Bevanda was run by great and never forgotten Andrej Barbieri there was no famous figure who did not try at least a bit of perfection offered to us by this great guy. Among them, the place was visited by famous John Malkovich, a total fan of both our nature and fish restaurants ...

Ronaldo at the 360 in Dubrovnik

Although it is strictly forbidden to drive in the old town core of Dubrovnik, in addition to the Pope, concession was made to one of the world's greatest football players, Cristiano Ronaldo, who was taken in a van to the entrance of the 360 Restaurant in order to avoid paparazzi. With his fiancée Georgina Rodriguez, he sea-bathed only at Easter, however, what they ordered at one of the first Croatian restaurants with the Michelin star – has remained mystery.

Justin Bieber at the Zagreb’s Time Restaurant & Bar

Not only that the singer had lunch at the Time before his Zagreb concert, but after the show Justin Bieber came to dinner as well! Quite sufficient praise to the staff of the restaurant that is famous for its best fusion of the Asian and Croatian cuisines.

Salma Hayek at the Galija Restaurant in Brijuni

After the shooting of “The Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard” in Rovinj, the famous actress, accompanied by her daughter and husband, sat at the table at the famous Brijuni’s Galija. She praised it to everybody, saying that she will certainly return to the country with “beautiful scenery and clean air.”

Image author: Matija Habljak/PIXSELL

Julia Roberts at the Bokeria in Split

One of the world's most popular actresses had dinner at the famous Bokeria kitchen & wine. Although in the “Ibiza” series (for the shooting of which Julia came here) Split has the role of this famous destination, we are confident that with us, she relished a hundred percent better food!

Image author: Ivo Čagalj/PIXSELL

Demi Moore at the Gariful on Hvar

Accompanied by her three daughters, the renowned actress visited the beautiful island of Hvar and there, she enjoyed everything they had prepared for her at the Gariful Restaurant.

Bono Vox on Laganini (Paklinski Islands)

Bono Vox is one and only, and Hrvoje Zirojević, who many consider to be one of the best chefs in Croatia and even in the entire region, is one and only as well. Over years, he has managed to make his Laganini probably the greatest Croatian island-related gastronomic creation, just like the famous rocker has entertained his fans for decades. A perfect combination!

Image author: Ivo Čagalj/PIXSELL

Manu Chao at the Đurina Hiža

In the lovely atmosphere of the Đurina Hiža overlooking Varaždinske Toplice, the celebrated musician Manu Chao and his band tried all the steaks offered by the owner Nikola Božić. And slivovitz, too. Then they got to play and sing ...

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Julian Rachlin at the Moro Beach Stupe (Korčula)

Although the chief editor of, the renowned “bonkulović” Ribafish, does not belong to celebrities, during his visit to the Moro Beach Stupe, a restaurant on the island between Korčula and Orebić, he met tennis player Janko Tipsarević and Julian Rachlin, one of the world's most distinguished violinists in five minutes. He even remembers what the latter ate – risotto with asparagus made by Chef Igor Gudac was absolutely perfect.

Image author: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

Bob Sapp at the Chevo's

The legendary wrestler squandered in Zapruđe all of his salary (950 grams of meat, plus two flatbreads, plus a portion of mushrooms and a portion of French fries), and started another one, but then he languished and asked the staff to pack the leftovers for takeaway.

Image author: Grgo Jelavić/PIXSELL

Eva Longoria, Pep Guardiola, Roger Moore, Goldie Hawn, and Kurt Russell, Michael Platini, John McEnroe... are but some of the celebrities who at least once dined in our restaurants, however, learn something more about their culinary experiences next time ...