The miraculous museums of Zagreb surrounded with lively gastro offers

One of the main attractions rendering Europe so irresistible to tourists are undoubtedly the art collections housed in the museums of its capitals. Zagreb is no exception to this, with plenty of galleries and art spaces worth your time: and in their vicinity are restaurants offering insight into the vivid history - and present - of our biggest city.

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The autumn has arrived and the Croatian capital is becoming a real tourist Mecca. For many, it is a city that just suits them. Visitors love Zagreb, and Zagreb loves them because it has things to show at any time of the year. Located in the historical core of the city, the Ban Jelačić Square is one of the most renowned sightseeing locations of the city. It is the most popular gathering place for most inhabitants, which concurrently makes it the centre of the social life.

There is also the Upper Town, which abounds in narrow streets lying comfortably between two hills, Kapitol and Gradec. Gradec is home to the St. Mark's Square and the Croatian Parliament, the Stone Gate, the Lotrščak Tower, and the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery. The Cathedral of Zagreb, a Gothic sacral 108 meter high building is at the same time the highest sacral building in Croatia. Maksimir, Bundek, Jarun, Sljeme... Each part of the city has its part that is worth seeing.

However, Zagreb also hides many amazing museums that are certainly worth visiting. Besides, the city houses a number of superb restaurants. Are you looking for Dalmatian cuisine or Zagorje cuisine or maybe international cuisine? No problem. Zagreb has absolutely everything. And everything is really well connected.


Here, the impossible becomes possible. Here, you can reverse absolutely everything, train your brain with visual tricks... The Museum of Illusion offers intriguing visual, sensory and educational experience in an entertaining adventure for all generations. Through attractive and amusing illusion, visitors will learn a lot about sight, perception, human brain and science, and will be able to understand better why the eyes see things that the brain cannot understand. The museum is located in Ilica St., 71.

Next to the nucleus of the capital, a small street only divided from the Ban Josip Jelačić with a building block, is home to a pleasant, cosy and modern place, logically called Pod Zidom after the street name. Everybody will specifically stress to you that each dish is done from the scratch, there is no ready-made sauces and everything starts at the point of order.

Pod Zidom. Photo: restaurant ownership.

- The Dolac is nearby and we buy everything domestically grown and seasonal. We arrange the menu following the season - they say at the restaurant, noting that one can also make online booking through Open Table, the biggest online restaurant booking service in the world.

Pod Zidom. Photo: restaurant ownership.


You have broken up a long-year relationship? Don’t worry. There is a real museum for those alike you. The Museum of Broken Relationships is dedicated to unsuccessful love relationships. It exhibits personal items left by former lovers accompanied with short descriptions. Initially, this was a travelling collection of donated items only to settle in a permanent location in Zagreb after some time. On 21. May 2011, the European Museum Forum awarded the Museum of Broken Relationships prestigious Kenneth Hudson award as the most innovative museum in Europe, in a ceremony organised in Bremerhaven. The Museum of Broken Relationships has two permanent exhibitions, one in Zagreb, in Upper Town, and the other in Los Angeles. It is located in Ćirilometodska St., 2.

After a visit of the museum, we recommend a walk to Masarykova St. 22 where the Takenoko Japanese Restaurant is located. The menu really offers everything. This is the first Japanese restaurant in Zagreb that has become famous owing to brilliant raw fish dishes. Sushi, sashimi, hosomaki...

Takenoko. Photo: Dalibor Urukalović/PIXSELL

- Our guests know that the selection of dishes is always great. We always recommend sushi - they say at the restaurant and advise guests to make booking in advance.

Takenoko. Photo: Dalibor Urukalović/PIXSELL


Dražen Petrović was the idol of numerous generations, a Croatian national league basketball player and one of Croatia’s best athletes of all time. Dražen Petrović is not with us anymore but he left numerous records, trophies, awards and other valuable memorabilia most of which are exhibited in this museum. The Museum and Memorial Centre was opened on 7 June 2006 in Trg Dražen Petrović Square 3. It is a result of the joint effort of the Dražen Petrović Foundation in collaboration with the Govenrment of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and the Croatian Sport Museum. The Museum, designed by the famous architects Andrija Rusan and Nikša Bilić, was an idea of Dražen’s parents. The Museum and Memorial Centre is managed by the Dražen Petrović Foundation run by his family. High donations and aids are credited to the Govenrment of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and numerous sponsors.

After a visit to the Museum you can go to Tkalčićeva Street, which became richer with a small but superb bistro, the Otto&Frank, in 2016. It has great offer of diverse dishes complemented with a high quality wine list and has instantly become a favourite destination for gourmets desiring fast, fine and simple food.

Otto & Frank. Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL

- Tourists really love our Zagreb’s breakfast that is always prepared in combination with eggs - they say at the Otto&Frank, noting that they always pay regard to offering fresh and homemade food. Thus, their menu offers stews, tuna salads, stuffed peppers...


TORTUREUM is a museum of torture in Tkalčićeva St. 13 and offers visitors a view of the unique collection of torture and execution devices since the ancient times until today. With more than 70 instruments and devices, which made people terror-stricken with the very thought of them, the museum illustrates a picture of violence throughout history. The Museum strives to make visitors aware that our increasingly vulnerable existence is exposed to daily visible and invisible torture, from violence at school, at home, or at workplace, with the final aim to make torture only a part of the history of a museum one day.

After the visit of the museum, you can take rest in a miniature restaurant, Lari & Penati down the Petrinjska St. The restaurant serves stout vegetable soups, gourmet sandwiches and snacks, delicious spreads and imaginative pies, e.g. filled with leek, goat milk’s chees and panzetta. They also offer a whole series of dishes of fish or roasted chicken wings marinated in honey, ginger and orange juice.

Lari & Penati. Photo: Marko Lukunić/PIXSELL

- Our guests most often order chicken wings, salads... Everything we offer is always fresh and homemade, and our offer constantly changes. Quality is always our priority - the restaurant staff says.


The Museum was founded in 1954 with a view of monitoring, documenting and promoting events, styles and occurrences in the contemporary art. When it was established, the museum was located in a baroque palace in the old city core, and in 2009, it was moved to a new, dedicated building, constructed by the design of architect Igor Franić, at the connection of the historical core and Novi Zagreb. It is located at Avenija Dubrovnik 17.

The collections of the MCA nowadays boast 12,000 works of contemporary art, works of home and foreign authors of different styles and expressions made after 1950, which reflects the mission of the Museum – active monitoring of new art movements.

In the vicinity of the museum, one can have a bite at the Apetit City Restaurant & Bar in Masarykova 18. The menu is based on aromas and tastes of the mediaeval cuisine with Mediterranean touches, using the best that gives Zagreb its position.

Apetit City. Photo: Žarko Bašić/Pixsell

- Our guests order meat and fish evenly. Sea bass with Swiss chard, stew with anglerfish, veal liver, various salads... We have a very good selection of dishes, and a rich selection of woks - they say.

- Your Gourmet365