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Every corner of Croatia hides a new gastronomic secret, you only have to look at our page and set off to an adventure and discover places that will arouse all your senses with their fresh and varied offer. The beauty of Croatia’s gastronomy has been recorded with the palate of our wine and dine experts. We have gathered a team that will realistically, without reservation, present the best restaurants in Croatia and thus allow all lovers of good food to enjoy the superb flavours and aromas.

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The Gourmet365 team has chosen the best restaurants across our country the menus of which offer dishes made from the best quality fresh seasonal ingredients, restaurants distinguished by perfectly matched dishes that only use local products in order to put before you plates that will force you to return to them over and over again.

Prepare yourself for a gastronomic journey through which you will meet Croatia in the best way possible – with a fork and knife. Prepare yourself for the ultimate experience of fresh, healthy and high quality food that deserves all the awards of this world, and yet it is here in front of you, more accessible than ever. Let authentic dishes of our regions conquer you with aromas full of freshness and homemade ingredients warm your heart.

Every dish is a reflection of the region of its origin. Thus, you will find out where exactly in Istria they prepare the authentic Istrian fuži with your favourite truffle sauce, and in Međimurje, you will learn what good Međimurje gibanica is. Or, which restaurants in Zagorje hide the best štrukle and where you can eat the best fish while the waves and and the song of crickets echoe in your ears, and who makes the best cracklings in Slavonia. All this should be no secret any longer. Along with the already familiar dishes, discover new small culinary delights. Let only the sound of cutlery be heard when dishes that ooze local traditions of the area in which you have found yourself are put in front of you.

It is said that just a little is really needed for happiness, and that happiness cannot be bought with money ... But it can be tasted by palate. It is through the careful selection that we came to the choice of the most quality places across Croatia offering specialties of their respective regions. Guided by the idea that we only want to present you with the best of the best, we made a selection of those who will serve to you only fresh, local and seasonal foodstuffs packed in dishes that best represent their region. Dishes prepared with special care and perfected over many years to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding.

That is why, dear admirers, lovers and culinary amateurs, we have created a place that will make all this possible for you. Indulge in the Gourmet journey to the best locations.

For the small hedonist who sits in you and wants only the finest pleasures, register on our site and start conquering gourmet Croatia. Bon appétit!