Slavonia dishes will captivate you as well as friendly hosts

Guests love the cheerful spirit of the Slavonian people, songs and tambourine players. And when they offer you “torn pants” do not refuse them because, believe me, you will ask for more.

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Slavonia and Baranja will knock you down with their beauty. Twenty castles and forts are located throughout the area. Citadel in Osijek, Eltz Manor in Vukovar, Esterhazy Palace in Darda ... They will intrigue you and bring you back in history. Among other beauties, a place devoid of stress that nostalgically ‘smells' of some times calmer really exist, so be sure to visit the Nature Park Kopački rit, which is located at the very entrance of Baranja. And not only that, the Slavonian people are known as very hearty. Guests love the spirit of the Slavonian people, their hospitality with sincere stories, singing and tambourine players.

You will never come here without being entertained by the hosts. And this hardworking people really have what to boast. They have made top specialties for centuries. And you can taste them in many restaurants in Slavonia and Baranja.

The most famous Slavonian culinary stars are all masters of kettle dishes: fish and meat stew, grilled meals, of all sizes, freshwater fish. Čobanac (meat stew) is prepared differently in different parts of this region. The constant is meat in various combinations and proportions, as well as the cattle in which čobanac is cooked. Fish stew is a delicacy in its own right. It is spicy “goulash” made of various types of freshwater fish, unique to this region.

The Kod Ruže Restaurant Tavern is situated in the old part of Osijek – the Citadel, and offers authentic dishes from Slavonia and Baranja, so they have venison stew with domestic dumplings made of bread or pura (polenta).

- Here is also our venison stew, fish stew, perch, fish kebabs wrapped in a bed of bacon, grilled river fish ... Our guests always know that they are getting real local food here – we were told at the restaurant.

Kod Ruže. Photo: Davor Javorović/PIXSELL

The Stari podrum Restaurant in Ilok will offer you everything you want, from fish stew, meat stew (čobanac) up to the platter of freshwater fish. And they can also boast a fantastic wine list. We would definitely recommend to you to try taške, sweet ravioli stuffed with jam from Srijem.

Stari podrum. Photo: Davor Javorović/PIXSELL

Only half an hour drive from Osijek, the Ivica i Marica Restaurant is located.

- We prepare seasonal food. Now, the days of sataraš (bell pepper, tomato, onion), stuffed peppers, roasted peppers with garlic are topical for us - we were told at the Ivica i Marica, where guests must always announce themself in order to be greeted with freshly cooked food.

Ivica i Marica. Photo: Davor Javorović/PIXSELL

Cured meat products, most notably kulen (a type of flavoured sausage) and kulenova seka (kulen’s sister) are a pride of this area, and your palate will be conquered by čvarci (cracklings). From the desserts to relish, there are many sweets, but the most interesting are the “torn pants”. It is simple dough fried in oil. Do not miss to try it at the Ivica i Marica.