Konoba – a place where you can taste traditional specialties

A konoba (tavern) has always been a place of excellent food and drink and good mood accompanied with singing. Many hospitality facilities that resemble konoba have given that name with a reason.

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You sing and cry in it. It is a “cure for many problems”. And this is not everything. It glorifies the respect for the man, the worker, the woman peasant. A konoba is a part of the house, mainly a basement or a ground floor, which the host uses to store beverages. It is, as many would say, a holy place where the grape becomes wine. The main role in any konoba belongs to the hard-working man, and the konoba is only his reflection. The konoba is best described with the words of the song: "Konobo moja, radosti sva, dušu san svoju, svu tebi da" ( “My konoba, all my joy, I have given to you all my soul”), which is sang at all parties... It has always been a place of excellent food and drink and good mood accompanied with singing. Many hospitality facilities that resemble konoba have given that name with a reason.

There are a lot of them in Croatia, especially in Dalmatia and Istria. If you find yourself in Tribunj, be sure to visit the family Bepo Konoba, which has existed for more than 40 years. The area is very cosy, decorated with objects that were once used by all Dalmatian families, and with handicraft items. The offer is based on the original Dalmatian cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seasonal ingredients, i.e. traditional dishes of the Dalmatian cuisine. The staff provides guests with an authentic culinary experience that is based on high quality food, primarily fish, good wine and, above all, homely atmosphere.

- People are already familiar with us and know that everything here is traditional and homemade. We always try that our guests get the best on the table. In addition to fish, we have a great demand for meat plates with lamb or mixed meat – we were told at the Bepo Konoba and they note that they work all year round, taking a break from January until mid February.

Konoba Bepo. Photo: Duško Jaramaz/Pixsell

If, on the other hand, you find yourself in another part of Croatia, in Umag, be sure to visit the Buščina Konoba located at the village of Buščina, after which it was named. You can get to Buščina when you are traveling from Umag to Plovanija, and further to Italy.

It is located only five kilometres from Umag. The konoba is decorated in an antique – rustic style and is full of details from the times past. Stone walls, wooden furniture and a fireplace with fire crackling grab the attention of every guest. Guests are offered imaginative local dishes made with fresh and local ingredients and selected fine wines and olive oil.

- Fish, meat... everything is fresh and domestic. Domestic Istrian dishes, meals made of boškarin, truffle dishes, dishes under the bell... everything is in our offer. We belong to the group of restaurants “Tartufo vero”, which is a mark of excellence and certificate of quality, and guarantee that on that place the truffles are prepared according to the highest standards – they say at the konoba.

Konoba Buščina. Photo: Duško Marušić/PIXSELL

If you are already in the area, you can choose between another exceptional tavern, which is only 10 kilometres away from Buščina. On the hill above Brtonigla, the macadam road will take you through vineyards and fields to the modern Morgan Konoba, which is proud of its traditional cuisine. Morgan is primarily a meat restauran proud of its veal, roosters, various meat dishes under the bell, deliciously prepared boškarinec.

- We always recommend what is fresh to our guests and always advice them to announce their arrival – we were told at the Morgan Konoba which has operated for 10 years.

Konoba Morgan. Photo: Duško Marušić/Pixsell