Gault&Millau included Croatia in the world’s gastronomic scene

The international restaurant guide Gault&Millau awarded its trophies on 5 April to the following winners in seven categories:

Image author: Camille Moirenc

1. First Croatian Chef of the Year: Vjeko Bašić, restaurant Boba

2. Great Chef of Tomorrow 2018: Ana Grgić, restaurant Zinfandel's

3. Chef of Traditional Cuisine 2018: Branimir Tomašić, restaurant Mala hiža.

4. Young talents 2018 powered by Metro Cash&Carry: Deni Srdoč, restaurant Draga di Lovrana and Duje Kanajet, restaurant Artičok

5. Best POP 2018 powered by Debic: Tea Mamut, confectionery O'š kolač

6. Payment Excellence Award restaurant powered by Mastercrad: Restaurant Foša

7. Payment Excellence Award POP powered by Mastercard: Bistro Otto&Frank

By launching the local version of the the Gault&Millau guide, a giant in the world of gastronomy, Croatia has joined the countries that each year excitedly await awards for the best results in the culinary world. The trophies were awarded at the guide’s launching on 5 April.

These awards to the chefs awarded will be used as a culinary passport on the basis of which their skills and excellence will be recognized beyond Croatian borders. The Gault&Millau guide, currently present in 28 countries, has gained great respect for culinary expertise around the world,” said Ingrid Badurina Danielsson, director of Gault&Millau Croatia, and added: „Aside from the award ceremony itself, this was a unique opportunity for chefs from around Croatia to get together.“

Luxury lies not in price, but in quality

The advent of Gault&Millau signifies that Croatia finally has a national culinary guide thereby becoming a part of the world gastronomic scene. Anonymous, competent and objective Gault&Millau inspectors spent seven months touring all of Croatia’s regions looking for restaurants and wines to be listed in the guide’s first Croatian edition. The result is: 100 restaurants, 50 POP addresses and 100 wines. This is just the beginning selection that will constantly be supplemented so other quality restaurants will get a chance to be included in the guide.

Gault&Millau rates restaurants falling within all price categories and their motto is “luxury lies not in price, but in quality”. The anonymous evaluation process is identical in all of the countries where Gault&Millau is present in, which enables chefs to take an objective look at their qualities in comparison to their domestic and foreign counterparts.

How much are Croatian restaurants keeping up with today’s digitally savvy guests?

Aside from awarding culinary excellence, the first Croatian edition of the Gault&Millau guide emphasises the provision of various payment options and communicating such options to guests and visitors. Given that we are increasingly seeing media reports on how tourists in Croatia are exasperated by the fact that hospitality establishments don’t accept cards, the project partners initiated a new award category Payment Excellence Awards with the aim of encouraging the introduction of e-payment in hospitality establishments in Croatia. When travelling to a new country, tourists are more eager to spend money if the payment process is practical and safe so this initiative is actually aimed at boosting spending in the destination.

Image author: Gault&Millau

The Gault&Millau Croatia 2018 guide can be purchased as of 6 April at selected Ina petrol stations across Croatia at a price of HRK 90.