For the end of the year enjoy this lucky ingredient – the pig

People in Croatia eat pork for New Year’s Eve. Unlike the turkey, the pig digs in the ground with its nose, pushing forward… Which is exactly what we all need in the New Year.

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People say one should leave everything bad behind and tread happily into the new year. This rule does not apply only to life philosophy but to gastronomy as well. We eat certain dishes in certain periods of the year, and the same takes place in Croatia, especially during holidays. Almost every country has at least one specialty prepared for New Year's Day or in the early days of the new year.

Although some nations consider poultry a lucky ingredient, bringing health, success and happiness, in Croatia it is customary to eat it as a part of Christmas menu. The reason is that poultry sheds off the ground behind it, which means that we leave everything bad in the old year. In Croatia, pork is the lucky ingredient for New Year’s Eve. Unlike the turkey, the pig digs the ground with its nose and pushes forward, rich in fat and symbolising wealth.

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Pork is a real specialty in restaurants all over Croatia. Therefore, if you choose Croatia as your destination, be sure to try roasted suckling pig or any of the related dishes.

If you visit Plitvice, make sure to stop at Zlatna potkova in Gospić. The restaurant is open all year round and every day around noon you can drop in for suckling pig on a spit.

- We are widely famous for our suckling pig. As a side dish, our guests order roasted potato halves and cabbage. We have a large selection of homemade products - we were told at the restaurant.

If you want to taste black pig specialties, you should visit Čepin. This place, situated around ten kilometres away from Osijek, houses the restaurant Crna svinja, named after famous Croatian indigenous breed, the black Slavonian pig. The menu mainly features traditional meat dishes, especially those made of the black pig.

- We find it difficult to single out any specialty because we have a lot of them. Whatever part of the meat a guest wants, we have a speciality – they say at the restaurant, suggesting to the guests to call first if they want to come for the weekend.

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On the other hand, if your destination is Dalmatia, do visit Konoba Vinko in Šibenik area, in Konjevrati, in the proximity of Krka National Park. The Konoba is known as a place where you can relish food. It is frequented by locals, tourists... everybody who wants to eat a good dish.

Roasted suckling pig meat is available here at any time of the day. They are known for their top-quality meat and you will always get a crispy skin on your plate. The pork is offered exclusively on the spit, while they offer veal and lamb under the bell. Everyone leaving Konoba Vinko agrees, their meat is “finger-licking good.”