Everything smells of Christmas cakes

If your destination is Croatia this December, you will have the opportunity to taste the traditional delicacies that will not disappoint with either aroma or taste

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Aroma of honey, cinamon, chocolate, nuts and fruit takes us to the world of holiday cakes. This is the time that is favourite just because of aromas and flavours that excite the most beautiful emotions.

The smell of Christmas sweets is one of the most intense associations to childhood. From one to another generation, biscuits and cookies, as well as kuglof, wallnut strudel, poppy-seed strudel, chocolate cakes are always unavoidable on holiday tables... If you arrive in a December visit to Zagreb, many patisseries are expecting you with these traditional delicacies – and even restaurants do not lag behind.

Slavonia is known for its superbly prepared cakes – if you are in Slavonski Brod, Vinkovci, Đakovo, Požega, Virovitica, and other cities, never refuse the dessert! If you are staying in Osijek, be sure to stop by the Kod Ruže restaurant inn, which is located in the middle of the old part of Osijek – the Citadel (Tvrđa) – which, in addition to offering authentic dishes of Slavonia and Baranja, offers a rich selection of homemade cakes that the cooks diligently prepare by the recipes obtained as the heritage from their grandmothers.

During Christmas, Slavonia is always abundant in cakes. Here, they have always been baked and prepared on a large scale. It is just like that in our restaurant as well, not only for holidays. Our diligent cooks prepare baklava, chocolate cakes, apple pies, chestnut puree ... Whatever your heart desires, we have it – they say at the restaurant.

Kod Ruže. Photo: Davor Javorović/PIXSELL

Only half an hour drive from Osijek, in peaceful Karanac, a farmstead and family farm Ivica i Marica appeals to visitors. The busy owner has already made some cookies that are a tradition of the region.

Christmas kuglofs, star-like cookies, cookies in the shape of boots with vanilla and cinnamon aroma, walnut strudels, poppy-seed strudels, mađarica, floating island, šaum rolls, and other various homemade pastries will be waiting for our guests – they say at the Ivica i Marica, where calling in advance is required.

Ivica i Marica. Photo: Davor Javorović/PIXSELL

The Didov san konoba in Zagreb – a cellar of Dalmatian hinterland, which is known for its cosy and homely ambience with the ever-friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere – will always motivate you to return. Here you will try top pastry delicacies, one of which is certainly the Imotski cake, one of the unavoidable desserts for the holidays in that region.

We also have chocolate cake, dubrovačka rožata, and there is our didov kup – chocolate cake in combination with ice cream and honey. We always keep to our tradition – we were told at the tavern.

Didov san. Photo: Igor Kalj/PIXSELL

However, if in Dalmatia, then you should definitely try fritule (donuts) that you can find on every corner, and kroštule (fried dough) that are the tradition of the region.

If you find yourself in Skradin, be sure to visit the Skala restaurant with a view of the Skradin marina. There, you will try Skradin cake that is always prepared for the holidays. It does not contain flour, only walnuts, almonds, and eggs, and if you add cinnamon, honey, lemon peel and orange, along with rose brandy – it is clear that this is a really superb delicacy.

We will also offer the haddock and Skradin risotto, and as for the dessert, we are already famous for our cake ... – they say at the Skala.

- Your Gourmet365