Delicious rolls which captivate even the most demanding palates

Sarma (cabbage roll) – both locals and tourists love this classic winter dish, so restaurants all over Croatia offer it in their menus...

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You can serve it to the most demanding of guests and they will be delighted. Everybody says this when it comes to a well cooked sarma, affectionately called “the queen of winter.” Culinary experts say that not having these delicious bundles of minced meat in pickled cabbage leaves in one’s pot is bad.

People like eating sarma on New Year's Eve and as their first lunch in January, and they serve it up to Twelfth Night. Both locals and tourists love this classic winter dish, so restaurants all over Croatia offer it in their menus. “Nothing without sarma! People adore this dish, especially when served with boiled potatoes,” we were told by restaurant owners, who stress that sarma brings warmth when it is cold outside.

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If you are visiting Zagreb and heading towards Grič Tunnel, you will pass by Stari Fijaker, a renowned restaurant located at the beginning of Mesnička Street, a place where you can feel the good old spirit of Zagreb. Nowadays people come to Fijaker, named after a
“carriage for gentlemen”, for gablec (a famous term in the gastronomy of Zagreb). There is a great variety of dishes eaten with a spoon in Stari Fijaker, and thus you can also order sarma.

- People simply adore this classic winter dish. We always have it on our menu during winter and both locals and tourists order it – we were told at Fijaker.

And Dalmatia is not only a region situated on the Adriatic coast, but also a tavern situated at the entry of Samobor, on the road towards Bregana, only ten kilometres away from Zagreb. Dalmacija Tavern offers different kinds of dishes every day, as well as seasonal dishes like sarma, stuffed paprika, buncek, black pudding, Szekely Goulash, and widely known tripes.

- We always have sarma in our menu, but we don’t offer it every single day, which is why we suggest to our guests to call us in advance and check whether it is on the menu that day. Sarma is highly demanded because this is our traditional food, we all eat it at home. Also, guests who call us may order it in advance, especially if they come in a larger group – we were told at Dalmacija Tavern.

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And if you are in Split, Lučica Restaurant will delight you with its food and view. Located in Spinut port, its terrace offers a view across the yachts tied in the marina. Their dishes, made exclusively of the freshest ingredients of the highest quality, have won many hearts. You can be certain you will not remain indifferent.

- We offer sarma throughout winter, but not every day. Therefore, we suggest to our guests to call us first. This is our guests’ favourite winter food - they say at Lučica.

Wherever you are staying, you will find sarma in many restaurants in Croatia during winter. People simply adore this dish!