Delicious dishes and the bountiful nature of a city on four rivers

Karlovac is a major transportation hub for everybody travelling across Croatia. Be sure to stop there because there is really a lot to see.

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Karlovac is famous as a city of parks and a city of beer. Located where lowland and highland Croatia meet, it is an important crossroads to travellers passing through Croatia. Therefore, you should certainly stop there because there is really a lot to see. The nature of the Karlovac area is miraculous and profuse. The Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra rivers abound in fish, mostly jackfish, perch, catfish, and carp.

Also, you should only taste delicious cereal porridges and stews of vegetables or beans, especially those of mushrooms! Let alone homemade noodles, strudel.... The traditional cuisine is mixed in an unusual combination of all cultures that have influenced Karlovac, from the Austrian and Hungarian to the Turkish to the Italian cuisine, with the addition of the taste of Dalmatia, Zagorje, Slavonia, and Lika. If you see uncommon names such as ajngemahtes, štrukle, čušpajz, š restaurants, be certain that you are ordering the real thing.

At 185 meters above the sea level, the Dubovac Old Town is a place you certainly have to visit. A picturesque 13 century castle is one of the most beautiful and best preserved monuments of the feudal architecture in Croatia. The Bistro Kastel, a retreat for gourmets offering a magnificent view of the city on four rivers and of a short walkway has settled there. You will certainly be delighted about food there, such as the meat that comes off the bone at the very touch of the fork and melts in one’s mouth, its every bite revealing a story of the chef’s dexterity.

- "Tourists always come and ask for something that is ours, traditional. They like the history of the castle and the whole ambiance. We recommend them to taste the perch and strudel" - we were told at the Bistro Kastel.

Bistro Kastel. Photo: Kristina Štedul Fabac/PIXSELL

A grove within the reach of Karlovac houses the Lovački Rog Restaurant, which is everything a lover of venison dishes can desire. Venison specialties include deer and wild boar and roe, and they are prepared in any form, from sautéed steaks to burgers and medallions to hunter’s sauce or mushroom sauce. You’d do the best if you accepted the daily recommendation of the staff, so you would sometimes come across goulash, sometimes to paprikash, and sometime to roe fillet in edible bolete sauce.

Restoran Lovački Rog. Photo: Kristina Štedul Fabac/PIXSELL

- "It is difficult to say what is most demanded because our guests actually love everything in our offer" - they say at the Lovački Rog.

A very good offer can be also found at the restaurant within the Korana Srakovčić Hotel. They have a good selection of venison dishes, and they will prepare superb trout for you there.

Hotel Korana Srakovčić. Photo: Kristina Štedul Fabac/Pixsell

When in Karlovac, you should certainly visit the Aquatika freshwater aquarium where visitors can look at the abundance of life in the rivers and lakes, actually specimens of more than a hundred freshwater fish species, of which around 40 are endemic.