Days of Young Olive Oil in Vodnjan are calling

Between 15 and 17 November, everything in Vodnjan will be marked with the extra virgin olive oil. The whole area is a paradise for tourists who want to see how olives are cultivated and how the real olive groves look like.

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If you want to give flavour to food, add a drop of olive oil. Much better if it is extra virgin! The production of olive oil in Istria has been a century-old tradition, and this is confirmed by numerous records that testify about the high quality of oil since ancient times. Thanks to the land and the climatic conditions, in addition to the modern methods of the cultivation and processing of olives, the Istrian virgin olive oil is recognisable by high quality. It is the oil that is renowned worldwide and is highly appreciated.

The city of Vodnjan has long been known as an area of the top quality olive oil manufacturers. The contribution to this recognition has been made for years by an event, Days of Young Olive Oil, which will be held this year from 15 to 17 November. In the three days of the festival, about 20,000 visitors usually visit Vodnjan and enjoy the programmes under the tent where around 100 exhibitors – producers of olive oil and other local agricultural products and foodstuffs offer their products and services. The whole area is a paradise for tourists who want to see how olives are cultivated and how the real olive groves look like.

Brist olive oil is one of the world's most esteemed extra virgin olive oils, with unique aroma and taste. Brist Olive organises evening trips to their beautiful olive groves in the vicinity of Vodnjan where you can learn about the process of production of extra virgin olive oil, while enjoying the warmth of the sun with a view of the Brijuni Islands. 

- We have created special tourist tours where guests can see olive groves, learn more about planting and processing of olives and of course, taste oil. Tours are of variable duration, 60 minutes, two hours or a special tour at dusk which you will embark on just before the last rays bath their olives. We have our own retail sale, our own shop, and our guests can also book tours through an application – we were told by the owners, proud of all the positive reviews by their guests, who noted that they can surely be found at the Days of Young Olive Oil.

In Vodnjan you will also find the Belci Meloto olive oils. The oil produced by the Belci brothers from Vodnjan is named after their grandmother Marussa nicknamed Melota. Valued extra virgin olive oils are the result of real values and simplicity of the Belci family, while the olive here is the traditional crop. Some of the 3000 trees that the family owns are old more than 400 years.

- We are open throughout the year. As agreed, we can arrange a reception, prepare sardines, cod. Our guests can always call us and we can arrange everything – they say.

Stancija St.Antonio, with more than 7000 trees in an area that was famous for the superior quality of olive oil as back as under the Romans, is also wonderful. Olive groves with international environmental certificates are located on a gentle slope constantly bathed by the sun between 106 and 80 meters above the sea level, and are 2.5 km away from the sea with a view of the Brijuni National Park.

- We also have our oil mill, and we are always available. People who want to visit us can always call us. We have only superior products.

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