The king of the sea on a plate becomes a top delicacy

Best quality fresh ingredients are the foundations of various specialties, and it is sea bass that is one of them.

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Seafood is the foundation of various recipes, lavish in taste, aroma, colour, and texture. Whether it is about traditional dishes or new and innovative ways of preparation, seafood conjure a special gastronomic experience specific for the area in which it is cooked.

Either it is fish over hot ashes or fillet fish, experienced gastronomy experts will create a rhapshody of tastes and smells on a plate. Owing to its extraordinary quality, sea bass is particularly esteemed. Coming to Croatia and not tasting sea bass, the king of the sea, would really be a shame.

Sea bass meat is delicious and this is the reason it is very popular and demanded fish among chefs and restaurant owners. It is prepared as fish soup, boiled in stew with other fish or roasted, filleted.

If you find yourself in Poreč, be sure to visit the peninsula where the rich old urban core of Poreč, called the monument of culture, has been preserved. Ensure that you taste sea bass at the Sveti Nikola Restaurant where guests can try superb fish specialties including the sheer gastronomic perfection – sea bass soup. Your palate will be also grateful to sea bass fillet in asparagus and truffle sauce. A combination of gentle meat and strong mushroom, and the result is – astounding. The restaurant says sea bass is one of very demanded specialties. We know why.

Sveti Nikola. Photo: Pixsell

Sea bass is also esteemed at the Badi Restaurant in Lovrenčica, near Umag, where you can have wonderful fish supper. It is certainly ice-breaking in sea bass carpaccio and other dishes of this supreme fish.

Badi. Photo: Pixsell

- Sea bass is very demanded and we have various specialties of it. Tartare, fillet, sea bass in salt, in bread – we were told at the Badi Restaurant. For the main course, you’d better surrender yourself to the hands of the skilled chef who handles perfectly what has arrived on the tray that day. And yield up yourself to the eloquent waiter to select and match wine for you.

If Dalmatia, whether south or north, is your destination, you can have superb fish specialties in abundance. The exclusively furnished Zlatna Ribica Restaurant in Brodarica near Šibenik has a rich offer of diverse dishes, fish and meat specialties, shellfish and crabs, with a great selection of wine of home and foreign producers. Sea bass is certainly one of them.

Zlatna Ribica. Photo: Pixsell

In addition to the superb fish, you will enjoy the impressive view of magnificent Krapanj, the lowest settled Adriatic island.