Pheasant štrukle? Croatian chefs prepare game excellently

Game dishes are a combination of the rural tradition and classical festive delicacies. Natural resources and availability of high quality meat have enriched the cuisine and encouraged creativity. When guests come to a country, besides natural beauties, they will certainly listen to recommendations of what dishes to try. 

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Every part of Croatia has a dish by which it is specific and known, but game dishes are served and prepared in almost every corner, from Dalmatia to Lika and Gorski Kotar to Slavonia. In fact, the game meat has always had a special status in the culinary arts and has been considered a treat that cannot be eaten every day. Throughout the history, many tried to acquire the right to hunt, which had been one way of feeding people from the very beginning of existence. Members of the higher social class had that privilege, whereas the poor were condemned to their remains, actually, the offals.  Experts say that in the past, coronation ceremonies on which hundreds of wild boars, partridge and quail would be eaten were legendary.    

Game dishes are a specialty in numerous hunting lodges in Croatia as well as in its restaurants.  Thus, one can taste superior hunting delicacies such as: wild boar steak, venison with mushrooms and porcinis made in the forest-like way, steak of the fallow deer, deer ham in wine sauce, wild rabbit in cream or rabbit with corn žganci (mush)

Photo: Marko Mrkonjić/PIXSELL

If your road takes you to Istria, on the hill above Brtonigla, a macadam road will take you through vineyards and fields to the modern Morgan tavern, which takes pride in its game dishes. Be sure to try the hunter’s soup that has everything, from wild boar, sausage, mushrooms to several kinds of vegetables, which gives it perfect sourness. The menu boasts ingenious dishes from wild boar, deer, pheasant, woodcock and rabbit.  

- Guests find the game very interesting and it is ordered all the time – people from the restaurant say, praising the roast wild boar with mushrooms in particular.

If you find yourself in another part of Croatia, in Varaždin, we are recommending the Bedem Restaurant, which singles out venison as its specialty. Our guests know that everything in our restaurant is home-made, and among wild game dishes, they really like pheasant štrukle – say the staff of the Bedem Restaurant. Among all wild birds, the pheasant is most appreciated for its rare feathers as well as for its excellent meat, and the culinary professionals are given the opportunity to show what they know.

The Josić Restaurant in Baranja has also found inspiration in the game.  They excellently prepare wild boar in the forest-like way, and in addition to the fine foods and fine wines for sophisticated connoisseurs, the property offers many sightseeing attractions. They proudly say that the game goulash is a true specialty. For true lovers of nature, Kopački rit is nearby.

Photo: Marko Mrkonjić/PIXSELL