Oysters - a hit with restaurants

We open oyster season in the most delicious way possible by going to the Mali Ston Oyster Festival and experiencing the freshest flavours the Adriatic can offer. These delicate shells are best when fresh. They’re rich in nutrients and, if that’s not enough, chefs from around the world hold this outstanding delicacy in the highest regard.

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Seasonal ingredients peak: All year ingredient

In addition to the long-awaited sunshine and the advent of spring, March is the month when food connoisseurs and foodies kick off their best time of the year. You guessed it, oyster season.  Mali Ston Oyster Day/ Oyster Festival which takes place in Ston and Mali Ston just goes to show how sought after this sea delicacy is.

 These delicate and sought after shells are proving to be a smash hit with restaurants right across the world. Chefs from around the world love them, to say the least, whereas Croatian chefs are blessed by having at their disposal original Ston oysters which are a tad superior to other kinds. Mali Ston is by no means the only place in Croatia with oysters aplenty. Lim Bay oysters are held in high regard, whereas fantastic wild oysters are to be found in Šibenik.

Oyster meat is located between two exterior shells, it’s juicy and brings authentic sea flavours straight to your plate. They’re opened using a small knife or other sharp objects and it’s ill-advised to open them with your fingers due to the rough shell exterior.

Besides being delicious, oysters are rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins A, B, C and D so they will maintain your intake of vital nutrients. But there’s more. Oysters are considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac and an additional source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.

A fresh oyster is the best oyster

This extremely precious seashell is best enjoyed when it’s fresh. Fresh out the sea, oysters are slurped with salty sea juicesso you can fully enjoy the very essence of the sea. Besides fresh oysters, you’ll love them with a few drops of lemon juice or quality home-produced olive oil. These wonderful, but flavourful extra ingredients will bring out the best in oysters leaving their meat almost intact and releasing all of their freshness.  Culinary moralists would say that they neither need lemon nor would mind a few grains of sand. After all, if we hadn’t eaten it, it would have used the grain of sand to make a pearl.

Oysters are used to make soups, risottos, you can even fry their delicate meat or quickly bake them in an oven. They don’t require long thermal treatment. Quite the opposite, just a few minutes will do more than its share. You’ll love them with all fabulous Mediterranean delicacies such as tomatoes, prosciutto, quality cheeses, just to name a few.

Authentic enjoyment

The traditional Oyster Festival held in Mali Ston provides a perfect backdrop to truly relish fresh oysters. By visiting this delicious event which took place on 18 March, visitors were given an opportunity to take part in tasting and entertainment events thereby experiencing the best of what the local sea has to offer. In addition to relishing food in restaurants which gave their very best to put forward amazing menus, the festival brought about performances by various local performers.

Kapetanova kuća run by Lidija Kralj is a place you can enjoy fresh oysters with lemon and it deserves particular mention.Sorgo Restaurant serves a diverse range of seashells alla buzara (traditional way of cooking using very few ingredients). March is indeed a fantastic opportunity to genuinely enjoy the freshest produce!