Grilled fish – specialty of all coastal places

A question how to prepare delicious fish is often asked. The answer is simple – do not complicate the things about them too much. Wherever you go for a holiday in Dalmatia, you cannot avoid the fragrance of grilled fish. It is the fragrance you will remember even after you return from the holiday.  

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An old proverb says that fish swims three times – the first time in the sea, the second time in olive oil, and the third time in wine. And this is really true. You can eat well in a number of our restaurants, but nothing beats the fragrance of freshly caught fish that is thrown on “gradele” (grill) and sprinkled with olive oil. And a man cannot decide what is more delicious, the fish or bread dipped in the olive oil. And when it is mixed with the fragrance of parsley, garlic and rosemary... The rhapsody of flavours and fragrances on your plate is finger licking good. And every host will tell you that the fish is not good without a sip of home-made wine to spice up the whole thing.  

There is no tastier and healthier meal than the fresh sea fish such as bream, sea bass, gilthead, grouper, mackerel, sardines, or mollusks like squid, cuttlefish or octopus, and we should not forget the crabs ...   Same is with meat. Your host will tell you that you will not taste more delicious meat than the “meat on gradele”.

We know the preparation method well, cleaned fish is salted a little on the outside and sprinkled with olive oil inside, and bouquets of fresh Mediterranean herbs such as thyme, parsley leaf and a sprig of rosemary are put in the fish’s stomach. And everything is put for grilling. Depending on the fish size, it is grilled 5-6 minutes on each side. The procedure with the meat is the same, except that, depending on the type, it is grilled a little longer. Everyone put spice at their taste.  

When you come to Dalmatia, have in mind that the gastronomy and the oenology are based on traditional values that have always tended towards simplicity and healthy lifestyle. The Zlatna ribica Restaurant in Brodarica near Šibenik is known as a place where fish specialties have been prepared for years. 

- Fish, meat, cephalopods, crabs, whatever you wish can be found here. Our guests always gladly return because we prepare food as if prepared it at home. And as for gradele, there is not much philosophy there. We only use logs as fuel for gradele, and the food prepared in such way has the best taste. Gas is quite a different story – says Ive Tudić from the Zlatna ribica Restaurant.

If you go towards Zadar and wish to have good fish lunch, be sure to visit the 
Bruschetta Restaurant.  The fish plate is excellent as well as grilled Adriatic squids, tuna... The Bepo Tavern in the centre of Tribunj offers a number of meat and fish delicacies. We are certain that you will enjoy a number of  seafood meals prepared in the traditional way.