Dubrovnik’s rozata enthralled the former US President

Also known as rožata, the traditional Dubrovnik dessert was proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO list of protected intangible heritage

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The Italians have crème caramel, the French crème brûlée, the Spanish have flan, while the Croats have rozata. If Croatia is your holiday destination, we recommend that you try this simple but so delicious dessert.

Dubrovnik’s rozata (Dubrovačka rozata), also known as rožata, is the traditional Dubrovnik dessert which was proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO list of protected intangible heritage. The basic elements of this dessert are milk, eggs and sugar, while the unique flavor comes from the valued rose liqueur called rozulin, to which this dessert owes its name. This is actually solid cream that is also served as dessert with which the Dalmatian cuisine presents itself to the world. Thus, it was rozata that was served at the official dinner to the former US President George W. Bush in 2008 during his visit to Zagreb. At that time, media reported that W. Bush was so delighted by rozata that after the abundant dinner he ate two rozatas. Rozata is often called the pride of the Dalmatian confectionery, and it can be tasted in many restaurants, especially in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Konoba Tavulin. Foto: Grgo Jelavić/PIXSELL

The Tavulin Tavern is located just 50 meters from Stradun. A place where you will feel good, have good breakfast, lunch or dinner, and also eat superior rozata.

- It is our most wanted dessert and we always recommend it to our guests who are delighted by it. Tourists have heard of rozata and always gladly choose it. We make it by the original recipe, so we do not put rum into it but rose liqueur, our rozulin – we were said at the Tavulin.

Restoran Proto. Foto: Grgo Jelavić/Pixsell

The Proto Fish Restaurant in the centre of Dubrovnik is also proud of its tradition. It was visited by the English king Edward III and his Mrs. Wallis Simpson as well as many music and acting stars. The Proto is an unavoidable gastronomic destination that follows the development of trends in order to satisfy the tastes of visitors from all over the world. However, in addition to all the flavours and premium desserts, rozata is the dessert that is adored.

Restoran Proto. Foto: Grgo Jelavić/Pixsell

- We make rozata by our original recipe and our guests adore it – we were told at the restaurant.

Foto: Grgo Jelavić/PIXSELL

If you go to Korčula this summer, our recommendation is the MateTavern. It is located at the village of Pupnat, just ten minutes drive from the town of Korčula, and half an hour from Vela Luka. They offer simple traditional dishes that are transformed into masterpieces, including rozata.

- People love eating rozata, it is the specialty of the region – we were told at the Mate Tavern.