Dried fig – a prima-donna gratifying any palate

Dried fig is one of Dalmatian symbols as it is born bathed in sunlight. It ripens in the sun, and it is in the sun where it gets the best drying effect. Various fig delicacies incite delight in epicures.

Image author: Shutterstock

In addition to the olive and vine, the fig, which is often called the Heavenly fruit of the Mediterranean, is also the symbol of Dalmatia. It specifically appeals to tourists, who love it. It is born in Dalmatia bathed in the sunlight, where it ripens and gets the best drying effect. Picked together with a peduncle without any damages, figs are ready for several phases of drying.

“Petrovka” is picked in June whereas most fig varieties ripen in August. On the other hand, fig growing is very simple. And, how should one eat figs? It is best to eat them fresh, though dried figs are also delicious. If you are willing to experiment, combine them with cheese, prosciutto and even arugula. Among cheese types, figs match well strong cheese such as parmesan. Both fresh and dried figs are perfect in combination with nuts such as almonds or pistachios. Dried figs are often used for liqueurs, and they are also used for preparation of cakes for feasts. The most known traditional cake that is made of dried figs is “Smokvenjak.”

Zadar has housed a Fig Festival, an event organised by the Zadar County to glorify the fig and bring it back on the pedestal of the Dalmatian queen, for 11 years. The Fig Festival has also been cherished by the Pet Bunara Restaurant in the heart of Zadar for as many years. Therefore, their menu features marmalade made of “Miss Fig” – actually, mainly of the figs, along with that of tangerines and plums. The goal of the festival, they say, is bringing the fig back on its deserved place, arousing people’s awarenes of its value and encouraging restaurant managers to enlist the fig in their gastronomic offer. It is the Pet Bunara where you can taste various fig delicacies.

- Tourists love them because it is our autochtonous product. We are known after the fig since we really respect it – the restaurant staff say. If it happens that your path leads you to the Stara Kužina Restauant in Nin, you will be certainly offered fig jam. And if you go from Zadar towards the Krka National Park in the Šibenik-Knin County, the Atrium Restaurant will welcome you in Lozovac, not far from the park entrance. There, be sure to taste dried fig and nut balls with vanilla cream and orange jelly. This dessert melts in your mouth and will satisfy the most fastidious foodies.