Cuttlefish – delicacy that everybody wants on their table

Although cuttlefish risotto is most famous, the fish is also delicious in brudet (fish stew). In the kitchen, it is often combined with other seafood, it is grilled and cooked in the oven, prepared with polenta, manistra (kind of pasta), orzo, and bruschetta and pate are made of it.

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Cuttlefish is a predator that lives along the rocky shore. It hides during the day, and at dusk, it comes out in the hunt for small fish. In the past, it was not appreciated and the fishermen used to throw it from the net so that it does not make the ship dirty with its ink. At that time it was mainly used as fishing bait and was not nearly as popular as it is today when it is considered an exceptional delicacy. The cuttlefish ink alone can be used in the preparation of pasta, gnocchi and bread dough of specific black colour.

We definitely recommend the guests who visit Croatia to try some of the cuttlefish dishes which are offered in many restaurants in Croatia.

If you find yourself in Split, be sure to stop by the Artičok Restaurant, which has become a “hit” even outside the borders of the Split-Dalmatia County. Guests enjoy numerous delicacies there with the cuttlefish risotto being one of them.

- The cuttlefish is very appreciated by our guests and they are well aware that at our restaurant, they will eat it prepared masterly - they say at the Artičok.

Artičok. Photo: Miranda Čikotić/PIXSELL

At the Sky Restaurant within the Hotel Olympia in Vodice, the seafood is at the top of the scale of their offer, and they are particularly proud of their black risotto.

- The seafood is very much in demand, and the cuttlefish risotto in particular, they say at the Sky Restaurant.

Sky. Photo: Duško Jaramaz/PIXSELL

If you are heading towards Zadar, you will be thrilled by an elegant, stylish, designer restaurant called Pet Bunara. There, you will find photos of the city from the last century, a wall of stone, as well as excellently prepared cuttlefish. They make it with orzo, and their cuttlefish brudet is really esteemed.

- Guests absolutely love it and it takes high place as a demanded foodstuff, they say at the Pet Bunara.

Pet bunara. Photo: Dino Stanin/PIXSELL

Other than on the coast, you can also taste excellently prepared cuttlefish in a fish restaurant, the Ribice i Tri Točkice Gallery, in the centre of Zagreb, actually at five minute walk from the centre of the capital. If you are an art lover, you have certainly come to the right place because in addition to many superb Mediterranean dishes, the restaurant is full of great works of art, paintings, drawings and sculptures by Vojo Radoičić , a renowned artist from Rijeka. The atmosphere is pleasant, and with the sound of Dalmatian music and simply and colourfully arranged tables, everything looks casually and playfully. The Ribice i Tri Točkice is known far and wide for its cuttlefish and squid stew.

Ribice i tri točkice. Photo: Sandra Šimunović/PIXSELL

- People know us by that. And we invite everybody to come, try and enjoy the delicacies of the sea, they say at the restaurant Ribice i Tri Točkice.