Chocolate – main delicacy of Croatian restaurants

We love it in any form – raw, liquid, in creams, biscuits, cookies, powder, and for every special occasion chocolate reigns on formal and festive tables as desert or finger-food delicacy. Chocolate is always trendy, and every now and then we learn some new creative combinations in which it can be used, although there are already millions of tried sweet and salty ones.

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Besides the classical combinations, such as the Sacher Torte, brownies, muffins and chocolate biscuits, we love using it in hot beverages that invigorate us during winter days. Chocolate is perfect in combination with grated vegetables, like carrots or pumpkin, mixtures of which delicious and juicy pastries and cakes are made.

Chocolate desserts are most renowned in our areas in their traditional and classical form, therefore some chocolate delicacy will almost always take the lead at the table at the end of a family lunch.

The Đuđa and Mate Restaurant in the Neretva Valley where the owner Jure Taslak’s mother Marija prepares a juicy chocolate and orange cake also sticks to the classical form. Just as other traditional cakes, she does it of a mixture of eggs, seven in a cake, dark chocolate, sugar, vanilla, margarine, smooth flour, and egg whites. When the cake is baked and left a little to cool, Marija Taslak pours it with 2 decilitre of squeezed orange juice, which gives the cake irresistible juiciness, and then finishes it with rich glaze of cream and chocolate.


The Villa Magdalena Hotel in Krapinske Toplice offers a wide range of chocolate desserts, all of them being the creation of its Chef Mislav Božić.

“As the chef of the kitchen, I adore doing desserts, and especially creating new desserts and adjusting the tastes and quantities to adequate moulds and the number of guests. That culinary mathematical focus on precision, tastes, texture, volume and the final result is something that keeps me up every day. That is something you can do around the clock, 365 days a year, or during your whole life”, Božić reveals to us.

One of his creations that the hotel offers is the Chocolate and Nutella Parfait. “Beat the yolks, powder sugar and 1 dl milk with a mixer. Heat nine decilitres of milk with the chocolate and Nutella and pour over the obtained mixture. Soak gelatine in water for ten minutes and add it in the heated mixture. While the mixture is cooling at the room temperature, mix the cream to medium solidity, add the obtained mixture and pour it in the mould,” Božić describes the preparation. The chocolate rhapsody of the Villa Magdalena continues with Chocolate Earth, chocolate decoration that will require just three ingredients. “Mix 25 ml water with 70 g sugar and heat to 135 degrees. Add 30 g grated chocolate that will turn into powder in the same second with constant stirring. Immediately remove from the heat and pour in a dedicated vessel, the chef describes.


They finish the sweet string with the so called chocolate marquise, which is frozen instead of being baked and enriched with sweet liqueurs like those of coffee, chocolate, Cointreau, blueberries...

For increased effects of chocolate and special relish, chef Božić recommends: “Abstain from chocolate, biscuits, cookies for a few days and only then surrender to the selected chocolate delicacy and enjoy it in every second. Impressions will thus remain long in your memory.”