Buzara – magnificent authentic dish with sea taste

This superb Adriatic specialty is one of the favourite dishes to foreign and domestic guests. When you eat buzara, there is nothing more delicious than dipping bread in the tasty sauce...

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That is a feast for the palate. Rhapsody of flavours and aromas that will satisfy the most demanding guest. This is how any lover of sea food will describe buzara. A superb Adriatic specialty, it is also very simple for preparation and at the same time one of the favourite dishes of foreign and domestic guests.

To explain the term “buzara” we should go back to the past. A kettle in which food for the crew was cooked was called buzara (Italian busara, buzzara) at Venetian galleys. The kettle disappeared over time as did the Venetians but Dalmatia took over the word and gave it to one of the finest dishes, its excellence – buzara. As with shrimps, you will also find clams prepared on buzara finger-licking good.

The fundamental division of buzara is red and white. The difference is in the contents of tomato, or tomato puree, which gives the red colour. The ingredients that are unavoidable in any good buzara include: olive oil, onion, garlic, tomato passata or puree, wine and parsley. Many add bread crumbs.

If Croatia is your destination where you will stay for a while, we certainly recommend you to taste this delicacy of ours. The reputed Split’s NoStress Restaurant shows respect for seafood and will always surprise you with fresh ideas with seafood and fish. And certainly, we recommend their shrimps on buzara.

- Our guests love them very much and really relish them. As well as we, the natives – they say at the restaurant.

NoStress. Foto: Ivo Čagalj/Pixsell

If you happen to visit the Makarska Riviera this summer, be sure to drop by the Gusari Restaurant in Tučepi. It is located only ten meters from an unbelievably clean and neat beach with pebbles, in the shade of pine trees.Buzara is their specialty. Mixed, fresh and aromatic, with thick šugo and just caught shrimps and warty venuses and mussels. You will be served homemade bread with olives with that. Rhapsody of tastes.

- We do buzara both red and white. We always make effort for everything to be fresh and delicious. And for guests to be able to try our domestic dishes. Whether haddock stew or turbot fin stew, those are all the dishes loved by diners – the staff says.

Atrium. Foto: Duško Jaramaz/Pixsell

If you go towards the National Park Krka, don’t miss visiting the Atrium Restaurant. They are famous for top quality food as well as for their attentiveness as they always serve fresh and homemade food to guests.

- If our guests are certain that they want buzara, we always recommend them to call us a day earlier so that we could supply freshly caught clams until their meal. We always give a choice to the guests, white or red buzara. It is important to us that a guest is happy and satisfied they say at the Atrium.

Something else is also very important. When you eat buzara, there is nothing more delicious than dipping bread in the tasty sauce.