Blood sausages (krvavice)

Kolinje (pig slaughter), nowadays an increasingly rare custom that has been observed in Croatian villages since the dawn of time, heralds the advent of colder weather and preparing delicious meat delicacies for the rest of the year. Blood sausages with cabbage, a simple yet delicious speciality, is a must.

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Kolinje season is a time when home-reared meat is stocked up for winter and the rest of the year, while the best pieces are prepared immediately. Apart from the indispensible čvarci (cracklings), which are pressed the very same day, and salenjaci that’ll make the entire house smell wonderful, blood sausages are mandatory. An intestine filled with buckwheat, pork blood and fat and a hefty amount of seasonings to your liking make a regular treat once winter decides to flex its muscles. Much like with most other traditional homemade delicacies, there isn’t a precise blood sausage recipe. Every householder has his way of making sure that his blood sausages are the best. The amount of blood, quantities of salt and pepper or fat depend exclusively on the family recipe and this is why blood sausages differ so greatly.

Still, it’s widely known that preparing blood sausages doesn’t take much time. Thanks to this simplicity they’re paired with an equally simple side dish. Cabbage makes an ideal combination with homemade flavours of true blood sausages. Prepared in well fried onion and with the addition of just a few potato dices, in less than an hour you get a dish that’ll make your mouth water instantly. The smell of roasted blood sausages or ćurke, as they’re called in Međimurje, makes an ideal autumn and winter mood. You can be sure that after having lunch you’ll be smiling and your stomach will be full.


Apart from black ones, there are also white blood sausages that are prepared without blood and meat. In order to prepare them, you just need homemade cornmeal and a decent amount of lard. Lovers of these specialties will always opt for the true, heavier and more delicious version, i.e. juicy black blood sausages.

Blood sausages are considered poor man’s food and restaurants seldom include them in their menus. When combined with sauerkraut and potatoes, they acquire a robust and, we dare say, a rustic appearance, which is why at first sight they’re not that aesthetically appealing. But it only takes a morsel to be completely and utterly blown away.

This is why we were taken aback by the fact that at restaurant Vuglec Breg they go about preparing true homemade specimens of this delicious specialty.

We prepare them ourselves. When it comes to preparation, we use pork lungs and head we then boil, add some boiled buckwheat kasha and a bit of rice. We cook it, add the blood, some salt, pepper, a bit of allspice and then we fill the intestines. We serve them with sauerkraut and stewed potatoes. Blood sausages are a rather straightforward dish. About once a week we prepare larger quantities in order for our guests to always get a fresh dish”, they told us at restaurant Vuglec Breg.


You can also find them at Samobor’s restaurant Dalmacija where they revealed that this dish is very much popular when it comes to their menu.

We serve blood sausages with sauerkraut and stewed potatoes because that’s the only way to serve them. Even though we don’t prepare them ourselves, we have a man who does it for us. Guests really love them and order them a lot.”

If you still haven’t done so, be sure to try this phenomenal dish in some of our restaurants. Enjoy the authentic flavours of fresh home-reared meat in combination with refreshing sauerkraut or completely special stewed potatoes. Delicacies like this are a rare sight at menus, which is why cold days are ideal for enjoying the best Croatian gastronomy has to offer.