Cheese with cream – simplicity of local foodstuffs in their best form

An unavoidable starter in the continental part of the country is certainly the simple, and yet so delicious, blend of homemade cheese and cream.

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Cheese with cream does not need any expertise when its preparation is involved, it is a simple dish that needs only two ingredients, and additions like species and vegetables are what will make this great blend special.

This combination is most often served with cold cuts, so it is perfect introduction to the meat part of any menu. Cheese with cream is complemented with meat from tiblica specific for the Međimurje area, homemade ham or dried sausages, and quite often, the same plate also contains delicious homemade zaseka (bacon jam) and warm bread. Besides with cold cuts, cheese with cream is also served as light breakfast or dinner. 


Cheese with cream is prepared in a very simple manner. It is just sufficient to mix the two ingredients and then add spices you wish. Freshly grounded red pepper, tiny chopped fresh paprika, green onions and green garlic, salt and black pepper will ideally fit the refreshing milky union. During somewhat warmer days you mustn’t forget fresh chives, which will definitely raise a good plate of cheese on a higher and more delicious level.

The cheese and cream blend can be used to fill vegetables such as paprika or cucumbers or drawn or layered dough or for preparation of delectable aromatic spreads. It is a perfect base for different low calorie spreads like the one of tuna or spicy herbs. It is just enough to blend all the ingredients, add a pinch of spices and enjoy the fast meal.

When preparing cheese with cream, it is important to follow one’s own taste. If you like more creamy and spreadable dishes, add more cream. If you like your sides thicker and prefer enjoying them only with a fork, add more cheese. It cannot be simpler, and that is why this starter is favourite in restaurants throughout the country. Our interlocutors disclosed to us how this dish is adored in both the kitchen and at the table, owing to its simplicity. It is served as an independent dish, and also in some other traditional combinations.

The recognised Gabreku 1929 Restaurant in Samobor traditionally has the handmade blend of cheese and cream in its menu, and besides as a starter, they combine it in sweet blends.

“Guests in our restaurant love cheese with cream very much, therefore we always have it in our menu. We supply cheese and cream from local family farms, and with this dish, we most often serve homemade cold cuts like bacon, sausages and greaves. Our menu also includes salty and sweet pancakes, which we also fill with homemade cheese and cream,” Mrs. Marija, the owner of the Gabreku 1929 Restaurant said.


The Terbotz Restaurant, located in Štrigova among green Međimurje vineyards, is also recognisable for its homemade delights. Thus, a blend of cheese and cream in combination with meat from tiblica, homemade sausages, bacons and Međimurje turoš cheese can be found in their menu.

“We serve cheese with cream as a starter with other homemade specialties such as bacons and turoš cheese. We buy cheese from a local supplier, the Šantić Family Farm. The Terbotz Restaurant uses homemade ingredients grown in our own garden, and then we present seemingly classical dishes through our menu, but our bites are added with diverse innovative tastes based on the season,” said Filip Jakopić from the Međimurje’s Terbotz.

Another green oasis, the Vuglec Breg, is hidden only 40 km away from Zagreb. Besides home produced goose and duck meat and black pudding, they have cheese with cream as one of the most demanded delights in their menu. They disclosed where they supply ingredients and in which dishes they combine them.

“We have a perfect cheese and cream supplier, the lady that supplies us has 30 cows and her products are really of the highest quality. Except as a separate dish, we use the blend of cheese and cream as filling for our štrukli (traditional dish of Zagorje region, composed of dough and a mixture of cottage cheese with eggs filling) which can be either cooked or baked, we also make corn zlevka (a dessert vornbread), and cakes in which we use fresh cheese. Those are simple ingredients that can be easily adjusted to almost every traditional dish, and that’s why we love them” we were told at the Vuglec Breg.


Perfect in its simplicity, the blend of cheese and cream is simply an ideal fit for every table regardless of the time and place. And when you taste this blend, it is simply – there is no other term – adored.