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Pasko Kapetanić
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With an abundance of restaurants and gastronomic delights, Zuzori, which has been recognised and recommended by the esteemed Michelin, is definitely a place you’ll enjoy. Zuzori’s menu is based on a modern approach to traditional cuisine. Having said that, the small yet very interesting menu contains just about twenty dishes. Naturally, each dish is accompanied with a detailed explanation and you’ll have a hard deciding which one suits you best when you read it for the first time, especially if you’re fond of seafood specialties. The sea is literally just five minutes away on foot, the Mediterranean is in your nostrils and the first thing the smiling and pleasant waitress recommends is - freshly caught swordfish. We’re momentarily outgunned and we have no choice other than to indulge the chef (when there’s no swordfish, you can always choose from tuna or whatever it is they catch that morning).

The appetizers are mostly made from fish, whereas the main courses are mostly meat dishes. Maltese-born Jeffrey Vela, who lives and works in Zagreb, has spent a couple of years here in charge of developing the menu. Chef Pasko Kapetanić has been taking in this knowledge since 2014. That way Zuzori now takes pride in the best risottos, among other things.

The ingredients originate from Croatia for the most part, only the beefsteak comes from Argentina. But that’ll change soon because the most important thing is that nothing is kept in ice. Long story short, when the local fishermen catch something, it’s included in the menu that very day. The menu itself is changed every year in April and then in July. If the restaurant is open in winter, then they prepare a new menu that’s mostly based on fish. There are some specialties that haven’t changed a bit since the restaurant opened its doors. The croquettes are one of these dishes so we decided to try them out first.

Naturally, after the delicious olive tapenade, the creamy croquettes with homemade Aioli mayonnaise, Japanese breadcrumbs, cherry tomatoes, radishes and eggplants are served so effectively on a neat piece of paper that they’ll make your day. Tender, creamy and gentle cheese with prawns and Slavonian sausage is a revelation and goes great with Malvasia Tezoro Crvik from Dubrovnik. Homemade, tender, delicious.

The wine list contains about thirty, mostly local labels with a few foreign ones. They’re doing their best to include wines from around Croatia, but they mostly have wines made by St. Hills from Pelješac and Crvik from Konavle. Zuzori was the first restaurant in town to have the Black Slavonian pig. Today they take great pride in their slowly cooked oxtail, which is served with leek, Parmesan cheese aged for 24 months, apples and horseradish.

Finally it was time for the long-awaited fresh Adriatic swordfish with chard, cherry tomatoes and celery sauce. Everything is done in pans here and finished off in a convection oven. Very delicious. Merlot Negromant from Crvik did a great job of taming the wonderful wild fish. We definitely recommend the chard, which is tender and particularly delicate, silky and even somewhat sweet. It should be pointed out that they make everything themselves from bread, spaghetti and the desserts which include the lava cake (called 65% bitterness, 35% love), Panna Cotta, Ricotta cheese pie and the cheese selection. Zuzori means business, they know exactly what they want to offer their guest and how to go about achieving that.

So it doesn’t matter why you’re in Dubrovnik, just come by and enjoy the city and original specialties in a maze of stunning alleys. Enjoy every single moment at Zuzori. The atmosphere of centuries-old city walls will remain in your hearts for ever.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 020/324-076

Web: zuzori.com/

E-mail: info@zuzori.com

Working hours: MON - SUN: 12:00 - 23:30

Region: Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address: Ul. Cvijete Zuzorić, 20000, Dubrovnik

Capacity: 66

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

Illuminated by lanterns and with a gentle breeze drifting, restaurant Zuzori is located at the very heart of the most beautiful city in the world. It was named after the street it’s located in, which was, in turn, named after the famed Dubrovnik artist Cvijeta Zuzorić (Flora Zuzori). If you’ve been to Dubrovnik at least once, then you know the sheer amount of beauty hidden in these charming centuries-old stone passages, how to get something to eat and drink and how to capture the moment for ever.

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Recommendation Michelin guide 2018
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