Zlatni Klas Otrovanec

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The fillet of catfish folded like a snail, stuffed with vegetables then baked in a bread oven with potatoes so that all the aromas permeate and season every ingredient, was the loveliest surprise in the Zlatni Klas Restaurant in the settlement of Otrovanec not far from Pitomača.

Not only that. Along with the ordered golden pumpkin soup came some completely unexpected green bread. It was with the wonderful taste and colour of nettles, which is used in Zlatni Klas in the mlinci pasta, pasta and pizzas and even in the pancakes that we finished our lovely lunch in the even lovelier ambience. The pancakes were of course also green, baked with cheese and praised by everyone.

The selection of food in Zlatni Klas is based on old local dishes such as prežgana (browned flour and egg) soup or barley, millet or corn purée, as well as bread baked from flour milled in the household’s mill. They also offer imaginative meat-free meals, and fine local wines, especially Graševina, whose price is very friendly.

The garden is special too. It is huge, in the shade of large trees and decorated with old classic carriages and little wooden ones especially built for kids. Some of the trees have wooden treehouses, and the tables are spread casually around the garden, without geometric order and quite far apart so that other guests are seen, but almost not heard so you get the impression that you are in your own garden. In reality like a nursery, because the majority of the guests were with small children. The perfect combination of freedom for the little ones and peace for the parents.

The interior is classically, beautifully arranged, with two rooms, one for fifty people and the other for weddings of 250 guests. Accommodation is available in five rooms and a barn, a wooden house in the middle of the estate, which also includes a stream and a lake. They also have horses so those carriages in the garden aren’t always left standing in the garden. Some of them can also be driven.

The little ones and people with disabilities can also ride them with a guide, and for the more experienced riders a tour is organised over the slopes of Bilogora and the Drava plain. All in all, an excellent place for a good lunch, as well as for a longer stay in the wonderful countryside.

Author of photography: Damir Špehar/PIXSELL

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 033/ 714 114

Web: www.zlatni-klas.hr

E-mail: zlatni.klas.otrovanec@vt.t-com.hr

Working hours: Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - Friday: 08:00 -23:00 h
Saturday: 08:00-04:00 h
Sunday: 11:00–23:00 h

Region: Slavonia

Address: Otrovanec 228; 33405 Pitomača

Capacity: 320

Price range: less than 100 kn

Restaurant description:

Zlatni Klas Otrovanec is a rural estate with a restaurant, ideal for a family gathering in natural surroundings and for business people who want something more than the usual business lunches.

Zlatni Klas leads you to the “kitchen of our ancestors” associated with the region in which it is located – the village of Otrovanec next to Pitomača. It particularly cherishes the offer of old, almost forgotten dishes, with an accent on local endemic cuisine. Try the old local dishes such as žganci (polenta), dishes of nettles, pumpkin, burdock and medicinal plants, plus the homemade bread made from wheat milled in the old household’s mill, which gives it a very specific taste.

The whole restaurant space exudes an atmosphere of tradition, and there is also an ethnographic collection of restored items from the old rural households.

Awards and recognitions:

The Golden Class Otrovanec is the winner of the "Green Flower" award awarded by the Croatian National Tourist Board with a bronze sign for tourist offer, interior decoration and the decoration of the farm's property.
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