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For years this cult restaurant above Opatija has had the reputation of being the ideal place to escape from the stresses of work and everyday responsibilities. And once you pass through all of the serpentine between the sea and Učka and park your car, it is time to relax and enjoy the meat delicacies of Zlatni.

Zlatni is a brand with a 47-year old tradition, although the humorously personalized menu states that they have been feeding us for 43 years. With a bit more snooping, we discovered that the restaurant has been operating since 1969. It is a pleasant place with old-fashioned furniture and filled with lively customers of all ages.

Travarica or smokovača (herb and fig-flavored brandies) recommended by the smiling, old guard waiter are ideal for the beginning, when you have to decide if you want the fish or meat menu. Of course, there is also an impressive offer of six soups: tomato, fish, seasonal, Primorska, veal tail, and homemade chicken.

For a starter there is a brilliant tartare, a seriously large portion with as much meat as there is toast and butter. On the other hand, you might also try the brutally large pljeskavica as a starter. At Zlatni there are neither kitsch nor designer stylings, what is here is here, and so it is aromatic, soft, and of a high quality.

The menu is witty and local. You have to read it aloud and smile, and while ordering we were advised by the elderly folks at the next table: "Son, squid is for women, you should eat only stuffed pljeskavica!" And that is what I ordered, filled with cream cheese made with cream, not kajmak, and sweet pepperoncini. For a drink, try a local brand called "Bring the Pain," which is surprisingly served on the bottom half of a lepinja (flat, Lebanese-style bread). Classic enjoyment of meat, finely seasoned, and the squid and blitva at the next table look and smell perfectly.

In addition to the stuffed beef pljeskavica, the restaurant also has chicken on skewers, tender ombulić a la Cres, de-boned cutlets, tagliata, steak, and pijano tele (literally: "drunken veal", or veal in a sauce of malvazija and olives and flambéed in whiskey) stuffed with young prosciutto.
They say that they can even prepare a young mammoth! You can also find pizza, rump and tenderloin steak here – dishes that you can have everywhere. But they sit, humiliated, at the bottom of the menu.

Stewed savory shrimp, baked sea bass, stuffed squid, and shrimp wrapped in prosciutto are on the fish portion of the menu, while the advantage at the end of the meal, before the chocolate cake without flour and the crepes prepared in hundreds of ways, has to be given to the semifreddo with croccante, icy and sweet.

Remembering the slogan "Who drinks neither wine nor rakija will not see God or the Blessed Virgin Mary," we conclude that Zlatni is the only pleasant place to withdraw from reality, and where the old, elegant waiters already know what you want.

Waiting for you is plenty of meat, a fish menu for every occasion, but also the renowned pljeskavica for the professional eaters. Pure fun and enjoyment!

Author of photography: Goran Kovačić/Pixsell

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 051/712-037

Web: www.zlatni.hr

E-mail: restoran.zlatni@gmail.com

Working hours: Tuesday- Sunday: 17:00 - 24:00 h;
Monday closed

NOTE: Restaurant is closed until spring 2018

Region: Kvarner

Address: Put za Matulji, 51 211 Pobri - Opatija

Capacity: 60

Price range: less than 100 kn

Restaurant description:

The restaurant opened in 1969. Its rich tradition guarantees an outstanding offer and service. Owner Bruno Poropat will entertain you in a rustic room full of pictures of well-known guests and offer you homemade rakijas or wine from his own cellar. With a beautiful view of the entire Kvarner Gulf, the restaurant offers specialties like stuffed Kvarner squid na padelu (in a stew pot), polpeti od mrkača (meatballs of octopus) a la Opatija, primorski lonac (manestra) and many other homemade specialties.
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