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Tanja Puškarić
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On the way from Zagreb towards Senj and just outside Karlovac there’s a green oasis of traditional cuisine. Zeleni Kut has existed for more than 50 years on the banks of river Mrežnica, which is a favourite weekend getaway destination for residents of Zagreb. This family restaurant is a popular oasis for swimmers and nature enthusiasts. When the asphalt in bustling cities gets hot, nothing compares to seeking refuge in the shade of beech and hornbeam forest. You can soothe your soul by listening to the hypnotic sound of cascading waterfalls and enjoy the smells of river specialties drifting from the kitchen. Zeleni Kut is a place where people also come to try superb trouts, catfish or zander. In addition to these well-known dishes, there’s a lot of buzz regarding their meat delicacies.

Homemade venison and pork sausage with aromatic pepper groats, merely seasoned tender homemade dried cheese, bacon or ham arranged on a platter give an overview of traditional local flavours. If you add cheese and cream, you’ll have proof that corroborates the theory that most delicious meals are also the most simple ones. Cheese and cream are the reasons why there are long queues in Croatian markets. Especially when the weather is warm and this folk dish acts as a refreshment. This almost magical combination of ingredients is used to stuff Štrukli dough. The skill with which homemakers stretch Štrukli dough on giant tables to breaking point is almost incredible. The dough is then wrapped, stuffed, cooked or baked. Ground peppers give the mild and unobtrusive Štrukli soup at Zeleni Kut a slight red colour, while the first knife cut gives a sight of rich layers of cheese and cream that tell us of the chef’s skills. Tender and soft dough containing layers of tempting mikly stuffing is Croatian comfort food much like peka or spit-roasted dishes. You’ll need to announce your visit a day in advance to have classic dishes such as veal of octopus under peka.

The wine selection goes great with the diverse menu. The helpful hosts will be more than glad to suggest which wine, in their opinion, should be brought to your table. Colors, aromas and scents of Welschriesling, Malvasia, Gewürztraminer and Blaufränkisch stimulate all the senses and served with an appropriate dish in a subtle way they reveal the habits and customs of people who live by the principle that there’s no good cooking without love.

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Contact number: 047/866-100; 098/9114-115

Web: zeleni-kut-puskaric.hr/index.php?id=2

E-mail: zeleni.kut.puskaric@ka.t-com.hr

Working hours: Every day from 07:00 AM till 11:00 PM

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Zvečaj 109, 47250 Duga Resa

Capacity: 150

Price range: 100-200kn

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Zeleni Kut was opened on 1 May 1967. It’s located on the bank of the river Mrežnica. In addition to their restaurant, they have 14 rooms where they can accommodate up to 35 guests. Aside from continental cuisine, they also offer freshwater fish they rear themselves (carp, trout, catfish, Zander).
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