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Enes Karalić
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In the very center of Zagreb on Mesnička Street No. 6, not even one tram stop from Ban Jelačić Square, is the small but distinctive restaurant Waves. To ride the waves of gastro enjoyment is not especially difficult, especially when after a few moments you understand the ideas of the visionary who started this place. If you want to eat as if you are at your grandmother's house, then you will definitely like this bistro.

The director's baton of this establishment, which respects the original traditional Croatian cuisine of emphasizes using the freshest possible ingredients, is wielded by the charismatic and strict boss Sandra Bartulović. She started this adventure in 2015, after spending several years in the Netherlands. The comfortable interior and its designer style somehow calms you as soon as you sit down, and then things become interesting.

So that everything does not fall on the shoulders of one woman, there is also a head chef Enes karalić, who has international and national experience. His approach to guests is just what was missing. When you look at what is offered on the daily menu, if you have any kind of problem with an order, the size of the portions, or ingredients that are not to your liking – you only have to turn to him through the window into the kitchen and through which the food is passed – something between a diplomatic dinner and your grandmother's kitchen.

The menu includes fresh seasonal food, but the common thread is the preparation of traditional Croatian dishes with a modern expression. Menus are made on a weekly basis and begin with the offer of – breakfast! For lunch you can choose between two daily offerings, or you can order something a la carte with the agreement of the chef. The great number of woks, meat, fish and risottos will make you think, but you are always free to order something classical. Chicken tempura is definitely not that, but if you have an open mind and love meat, fish, truffles and seasonal ingredients you will enjoy it one hundred percent! The pasta with porcini is also recommended, but you never know what Chef Enes has brought that morning from the market.

One thing is certain, the crepes made with buckwheat flour with truffles are a dream, with a traditional flavor, soft, not too greasy, and they disappear in a single bite. This was confirmed by an 11-year old child – while we were photographing a plate, the crepes disappeared.

In Wave restaurant there is also a small gift shop where local Croatian autochthonous products can be found, such as olive oil, oranges, homemade brandies and cheeses.

Author of photography: Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL;

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Contact number: 01/4833-380

Web: wavesdenimbar.com/restoran-zagreb/

E-mail: info@wavesdenimbar.com

Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 8:00-23:00 h

Region: City of Zagreb

Address: Mesnička ulica 6; 10 000 Zagreb

Capacity: 30

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

Selected wines adorn the high quality wine list. Everything is calm, clean and somehow measured, familiar and close – ideal for celebrating birthdays and bachelor and bachelorette parties. A nice place for a stylish and quick meal, but also much more. Perhaps it takes you back to your youth and the aromas of grandmother's kitchen.

The menu in Waves restaurant is made from fresh ingredients from the nearby Dolac market. The offer in the restaurant changes depending on what is available at the market, but also on an inspiration of the moment by the head chef.

At Waves you can eat steaks, fish, seafood, wok and various soups and gazpachos, but also a few appetizers Italian style like bruschetts. They offer vegan and vegetarian meals.

The restaurant serves a large selection of Croatian wines by the glass and rakijas. You can round off an excellent meal with dessert.

Waves & Denim also has a small gift shop where you can find authentic Croatian products like olive oil, narancini (candied orange peel), homemade rakija and cheeses.
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