Vuglec Breg

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Višnja Vusić
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Vuglec Breg is simply a synonym for a family outing to the hill country of Croatia in which each family member will find something that they like. The mystique of the winter nights, the beautiful landscape on warmer days, a playground for children, a walking path, a rich selection of homemade specialties, and a bonus playground for the men – all of this can be found in the vicinity of Krapinska Thermal Spa, less than an hour's drive from the center of Zagreb.

The Krapinska Thermal Spa is close if you are in the mood to swim, the city of Krapina is close enough for a museum tour, and Vuglec itself is ideal for a return to the good old days when you would finish your weekends in the Zagorje hills, next to a stove, homemade rakija, popular music from the speakers, and every fine food that Zagorje has to offer on your plate. Vuglec is oriented to how food once was, and its menu offers almost everything. The emphasis is placed on a seasonal listing, which simply follows what is happening in nature, and which is how we were a week late for pumpkin soup because the season for it had passed.
Wooden beams, all very old, which draw you into a story that you are eating homemade food and that you select with great pleasure from the menu a Zagorje dish that is calling out to you: ham, sausages, tripe, cheeses, four types of soup, and even more kinds of štrukli.

The seasonal menu is based on cabbage, ham hocks, sausages, and everything that comes from the livestock and vegetable from a nearby family-owned farm. The specialty of which they are most proud is duck with mlinci, and we also tried an outstanding meat accompanied by a special homemade pasta, and we could not resist the blood sausage with mashed potatoes and the brilliant sauerkraut. But we really did not have any strength left for the ham hocks. Finally, toasted štrukli and repnjak were waiting for us as dessert. In wonderful gray earthenware bowls comes a classic and total novelty, strudel with cheese and sugar beet! Try it, of course!

The bonus that we mentioned at the start is the wine cellar. Vuglec makes its own wine and they are especially proud of their five types of sparkling wine. We long enjoyed a red coupage, which perfectly accompanied the blood sausage, and then we slowly walked in the quietude of frozen Zagorje.

A wonderful picture, you really should get up to Vuglec Breg!

Author of photography: Marko Prpić/Pixsell

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Contact number: 049/345 015


Working hours: Monday-Sunday: 07:00-22:00h

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Škarićevo 151, Škarićevo - Krapina

Capacity: 80

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

The pleasant ambience of the restaurant was the right place for an outstanding gastronomic experience. The original Zagorje style design, open stoves and a terrace with a straw roof give a feeling of warmth and a special, homey atmosphere. Old, forgotten recipes for "grandma's dishes" have again been brought to life in the kitchen and at the tables of our restaurant. Our chefs also took care to prepare the best dishes from homemade products and ingredients from the immediate vicinity. The Vuglec Breg winery was established next to the restaurant in 2003 as an important component of this village tourism attraction, where guests can sample wine or sparkling wine.

Remodeled and expanded in a traditional spirit, but equipped to meet all of the demands and standards of modern tourism, like every authentic Zagorje hiža, it has been designed with special attention and rounds out their offer.

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Recommendation for MICHELIN Guide 2018.
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