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“We began lunch with homemade chicken soup in which were cooked noodles, followed by boiled beef and boiled chicken with pickled horseradish. We continued with roast duck, goose, chicken, chicks, pigeon with beetroot, and then for a change stewed and baked štrukli pastry, then birds, snails, sausages, black pudding and ox tongue then turkey, veal and pork roasts. We took a break with gibanica (filo pastry cheese pie), then wild rabbit, duck and goose in a sour sauce and homemade gnocchi. Then came apples, pears, sorb apples, hazelnuts and then at the very end of the feast gingerbread cakes of honey and pepper. With all of that we ate homemade bread from the bread oven, and my word 434 litres of wine were drunk.”

This how Josephus Floh, a great lover of good wine and food, a Varaždin master cobbler and the last registered owner of the house in Kranjčevićev Ulica where the Verglec Restaurant is located today, described the feast of a butcher’s guild almost two centuries ago.

In Floh’s house today it still possible to eat duck, strudels, various sausages and roasts, ox tongue, gibanica cake, homemade bread, and there is good wine too.

The choice is, of course, much wider, however the majority of the dishes in their names and method of preparation have an old-fashioned feeling. Do the roast duck is stuffed with a filling of sautéed onions, duck liver, smoked bacon and buckwheat puree, the pork cutlets are cooked in pickled turnip, and the Patačić beef fillet is made in a cherry and cream sauce.

The choice is also extended to fish. Of freshwater fish they make catfish in wine, perch in garlic and other river fish in cornflour, there are also saltwater fish. Sea bream and sea bass are grilled, whilst smaller fish are fried. The squid are unmissable, fried or à la Parisienne, and amongst the cold starters there is also octopus salad.

A very fine house wine, a mix of wine sorts from nearby Međimurje, is poured by the glass, and the prices are quite friendly.

The name of the restaurant is one more tribute to master Floh, who returned from the feast with his friend Felix, a musician and organ grinder. Before going to sleep, with a glass of honey brandy, in the lobby of the house, they would play on the street organ, believing that it would drive away ghosts and protect the body from evil. The terrace is there today, surrounded by houses and a wall, so it is also very pleasant there during the warm summer afternoons. Just as though Felix’s street organ had driven away the heat.

Author of photography: Vjeran Žganec Rogulja/PIXSELL

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Working hours: Monday - Thursday: 09:00 - 23:00 h
Friday and Saturday: 09:00-24:00 h
Sunday and national holidays: 12:00 -22:00 h

Region: Central Croatia

Address: S.S. Kranjčevića 12; 42000 Varaždin

Capacity: 140

Price range: less than 100 kn

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The Verglec Restaurant is located in the very centre of the Baroque town of Varaždin, in the historical heart, just a few metres from Stančićev Trg and the Sarmage palace.

After a walk around the town and enjoying the sights, Verglec is the ideal place for satisfying your palate – the first restaurant with a ‘Croatian indigenous cuisine’ license.

With its rich gastronomic selection and pleasant atmosphere, it offers its guests the possibility of spending pleasant moments. The creativity in the food preparation and friendliness of the staff, pleasant ambience and sounds of the organ grinder on traditional instruments will delight every guest.

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