Slavica Živka
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The mood is just wonderful and pleasant with birds chirping and hectic streets, a perfect reminder of past centuries in the surrounding houses and stairs coupled with unobtrusive, modern music excellently fitting in the overall impression and creating a whole. Tinel is just made for relaxing and enjoying, especially bearing in mind the fact that they go to great lengths to obtain the ingredients from nearby family farms, butchers and fishermen, which is something you’ll feel as you eat the food.

The extremely varied menu is based on homemade, local ingredients and recipes without excessive fuss. The guest’s only job is to have a great meal, while the staff is in charge of ushering the guest in all the secrets of local chefs and cuisine. You can start with a Dalmatian platter with prosciutto, pancetta and sausages, beef carpaccio or chicken salad as far as meat is concerned. When it comes to sea delicacies, you have the traditional octopus salad, tuna tartare or salted anchovies.

Aside from the mandatory fish and vegetable soups, the appetizers are mostly made using fish and we definitely recommend Tinel’s black cuttlefish risotto. Decent, thick and assuming, beetroot sprouts make a phenomenal refreshment, truly the discovery of the day. It went great with Debit Sladić, which further accentuated the delightful sea flavours.

The wine list is rather small, you have wines from Slavonia, Istria and southern Dalmatia. Still, much like the specialties on the menu, it places emphasis on the location and indigenous varieties. Maraština Sladić, a local pride and joy, went great with grilled octopus tentacles with polenta on a rucola salad, a main dish recommended by an extremely polite waiter. As far as other specialities such as grilled shrimps and buzara, sea bass fillet, tuna steak, gilthead sea bream with chard and squids prepared to numerous recipes are concerned, we just had to leave them for another occasion. Given the location, the servings are rather ample here and the prices are really affordable.

When talking about meat specialties, pašticada, which is another local ace up the sleeve, is the number one choice. Given the fact that Tinel’s caters to a wide audience, you also have spit-roasted and grill dishes to everyone’s liking. Darkness descends, light flicker on and Šibenik is even more mesmerising by night. Figs in wine and figs in chocolate, the house desserts, are served on your table. If you skim through the menu, you’ll see that they have cheesecake and rozata. But this wonderfulness takes precedence at Tinel. It just tops off everything Tinel, a small heaven of peace in the historic core of Šibenik, and its staff stand for.

Finally, we opted for the local variety Babić made by Rak winery instead of the dessert wine. A perfect way to end your dinner that started on the stone terrace among trees having had exquisitely prepared Dalmatian specialties. Definitely recommended to completely unwind. Take some time to soothe your soul, there’s plenty of time for swimming tomorrow...

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 098/870-080; 022/331-815

Web: www.sibenik-info.hr/restoran-tinel/

E-mail: restaurant.tinel@gmail.com

Working hours: MON - SAT: 10:00 - 23:00
SUN: 18:00 - 23:00

Region: Dalmatia-Šibenik

Address: Trg pučkih kapetana 1, 22000, Šibenik

Capacity: 44

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

Situated high above Šibenik, the terrace of restaurant Tinel proudly stands in the most beautiful natural shade possible underneath the stunning old Osage orange trees, which have been transported from America a long time ago. The team that’s been running the place for the past eight years inherited an 18-year-long tradition. They run by the rule of offering the very best ingredients at normal prices and large portions, but in a way that they’ll always surprise you with something.
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