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Vid Nikolić
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The preparation of ice cream in front of the guests, on a trolley in a pot of liquid nitrogen at minus 190 degrees as it starts to evaporate and give off vapour like at rock concerts, makes this a great attraction in the Time Restaurant at the beginning of Petrinjska Street. However, this attraction is not the only reason for praise because the cheesecake ice cream is also excellent. It is a successful concept, which also witnesses the introduction of new tastes, with tahini paste with superb dark chocolate.

The cloudy fish soup is also tasty where at first only the thinly cut strips of vegetables that are floating on the surface are seen, whilst for the large shrimp tail one needs to work a little harder because it is easy to get to only after half of the soup is eaten. And this catch is quite pronounced. In Time they have lovely bowls and plates made from a curious rough cut dark material similar to stone. The waiter said that this was a special kind of porcelain, and every strike of a metal spoon on it was very loud.

The dishes are quite diverse, and the way they are prepared is drawn mainly from the Far East. The duck breasts are slow baked in a vacuum so they lose myoglobin, and remain reddish. Then they are roasted in order to get a crispy skin. The relatively light, but not dry side dish of rice with egg, vegetables and sauce excellently matched the dark and juicy meat.

The wine list is impressive and full of wines served by the glass.
The dominate colour of the restaurants is black, which sounds repulsive, however the space is pleasant for a visit and quite calming. The ceiling is high, so there is enough air, and that is also good because the conversation of the guests at the neighbouring table can be heard only as a quite murmur and one can’t understand what they are saying.

Time is a double concept of a restaurant and bar where at the end of the week there are disco and similar evenings, and the wine and food give way a good part of the time and space to fine spirits and cocktails. Therefore, it is good to call before arriving and ask about the schedule and free times so that there are no disagreements later.

Author of photography: Dalibor Urukalović/Pixsell

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 01/3333 660, 0914444651

Web: www.facebook.com/time.zagreb/

E-mail: rezervacije@timerestaurant.hr

Working hours: Monday - Thursday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Friday - Saturday: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Region: City of Zagreb

Address: Petrinjska 7; 10000 Zagreb

Capacity: 60

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

The Time Restaurant & Bar is an Asian – fusion restaurant in the heart of Zagreb, on the corner of Petrinjska and Amruševa streets. It is located in a former huge warehouse and hardware shop, its current modern look was put together by the famous Croatian architect Christian Rendulić. With its “industrial meets New York” design, impressive five-metre high ceiling and long bar is has become a hit place in Zagreb.

The menu revolves around superb sushi, which is prepared in the open sushi bar, but it also has many other Asian dishes from Japan, Thailand, China and India, often with European influences. The emphasis is set primarily on local foodstuffs, and so classics interpreted with local ingredients can be eaten such as the famous Nobu black cod with miso with perch in place of black cod.
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