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Tomislav Pirš
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The holder of the latest Michelin recommendation is a magnificently designed minimalist restaurant, at 20 minute walk from the centre of the capital, in the vicinity of the place where you get off the bus from the airport. An elegant atmosphere, tender ambiance music and a top-notch trained waiter team will pacify you in a way from the first moment and will make you clear that you are in safe hands here.

Food here is a little bit more on the fish side because it is a fusion of the Asian and Croatian cuisines with predominantly domestic foodstuffs. Here, these new tastes amalgamate with those already known and appear on your plate in an original, carefully conceived way. The menu is signed by Chef Tomislav Pirš, and for the start, among several dishes made from the Adriatic tuna, we have selected tuna tartare with goat milk’s cheese.

However, despite great wine, tuna in combination with ginger, goat’s milk cheese and anchovies, and the greenish spawn, was a little bit too strong for the 2016 Sauvignon, so the combination with fresh 2018 Coronica Malvasia seemed much better. Light bitterness merged greatly with strong aromas of the fresh fish combined with the complex, strong cheese taste, and the result was a pure idyll. This wine matches sushi perfectly, which is made with the Adriatic greater amberjack here. In a different, softer, and still great way.

The hot starter card includes Asian classics like black tigers prawns in sweet-hot sauce, goose liver, shrimp tempura, spring rolls and gyoza, whereas among soups, the most intriguing one is that of cauliflower with prawns. Here is also clear fish soup with white fish and young soya, and main courses, except those from wok, include equal meat and seafood ratio. Thus, the offer includes beef and veal fillet that comes from a tested butcher in the Zagreb’s busiest market, Dolca, but the dish of the day imposed itself in its own right: Adriatic octopus with sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, teriyaki sauce and bok choyem – actually, why don’t you take the best from all over the world?

Indeed, we didn’t have any objection to this popular inhabitant in the Adriatic Sea, actually, we were pleasantly surprised. It was departure from the classical octopus under the bell or just thrown in a plate with onion and a little oil, because this one is in sweetish sauce. So, offering it with a blend of Cabernet, Merlot and a few more Slavonian local varieties – 2017 Josić Ciconia nigra blend was logical choice. Strong, delicious and sweet wine excellently accompanies the compact meat of the cephalopod. For every praise!

Transparent cuisine abounds in dear sounds of roasting and frying, open fire, and everything constantly moves but still oozes some tranquility and elegance, and is really a place for complete surrender to enjoyment. A special dessert card shows excellently the accent to seasonality, so with the offered sorbets, tiramisu and chocolate cake, we ate strawberry sabbione in the end. Extraordinary ending, to be remembered!

The wine card has about 80 headings with serious accent to champagne, and wine comes from all around the world and all around the country, with the most important regions being equally represented. With a glass of Muškat, we are leaving the more than pleasant restaurant with intent to certainly come back here. A fusion of the Croatian and Asian gastronomies in the best possible way, every honour!

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 01/6389 398 - 01/6389 399

Web: tekka.hr

E-mail: info@tekka.hr

Working hours: Monday - Saturday
11h - 01h

Region: City of Zagreb

Address: Radnička cesta 37b, Zagreb

Capacity: 0

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

The latest Michelin recommendation bearer is a delightfully minimalistically-designed restaurant 20 minutes away from the city centre and nearby the location of the airport bus stop. A graceful ambiance, soft background music and a fantastic waiter crew grabs your attention and calms you down from the very first moment, leaving the impression that you're in safe hands here.
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