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Spasel Krešić
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Inside you’ll find wooden beams and stone walls decorated with marine paraphernalia, seashells, amphorae and model ships. Everything looks just like what you’d expect in the heart of Dubrovnik. We’d better not leave out the modern-looking watercolour paintings that match the aesthetic tables and massive, comfortable wooden chairs perfectly. The spacious terrace offers plenty of places if you’re passers-by...

Tavulin is one of those places where they try to pamper every guest so you won’t find it difficult to resist the waiters standing on the street all day long and telling you their restaurant is the place to be. They will tempt you by offering breakfast (omelette-based) light lunch (risotto, burger, tuna salad...). You can choose from two kinds of breakfast and about a dozen warm and cold entrées. Alongside classic Mediterranean dishes such as prosciutto, octopus salad and Ston oysters, you also order ceviche and an exceptional creamy orzotto with Adriatic prawns. Every single ingredient is local with tradition and quality held in high regard.

When it comes to fish delicacies, Tavelin has on its menu fresh sea fish, grilled squid and octopus stew. An ideal option for hesitant tourist would be a fish platter for two, whereas the meat menu is based on pork and beef fillets, beef cheeks and marinated chicken. Clear and concise, a little bit of everything. Another cool thing is bottle containing oil and balsamic vinegar. Both at the same time! Bottle in a bottle that will wake up your inner child and you’ll find yourself drizzling everything. The wine list is not extensive, but every wine has been carefully selected. Most wines originate from Pelješac with some hailing from Istria and Slavonia, but the house wine, maraština Miljas (maraština is an indigenous white grape variety from the Dalmatian coast, recommended for all Dalmatian sub-regions, and the Croatian coast, except Istria) comes from Konavle.

The pleasant staff will make sure you get everything you need. When it comes to music, sometimes they even play Croatian New Wave music. The superb octopus stew with polenta and young broad beans is followed by an equally fantastic dessert. A mind-blowing hazelnut parfait with blueberries and orange accompanied by a local prosecco Ruža Dalmacije by Bura. Naturally, you can’t manage without the traditional rozata (traditional Dalmatian pudding). And we’re extremely grateful for that!

Tavulin is a restaurant every tourist hotspot should have. A street food restaurant momentarily serving quality local ingredients. No fumbling, but at the same time dazzling and enough to satisfy your hunger. An orzotto and parfait to die for, nice music, people and Stradun just 50 metres away. What more can you ask from life!

Author of photography: Grgo Jelavić/PIXSELL

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Contact number: 020/323-977

Web: www.tavulin.com

E-mail: bistro@tavulin.com

Working hours: CLOSED UNTIL 1.3.2020.

Region: Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address: Cvijete Zuzorić 1; 20 000 Dubrovnik

Capacity: 100

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

You’re strolling down the streets of the world’s most beautiful city and you’re not sure where to grab a bite to eat since there are about a hundred restaurants at your disposal. And then you hear nice r’n’b music coming from place that should be just like all the others. But Tavulin really is something else. This is a place where the menu has been reduced to a minimum placing all bets on traditional meals based on local ingredients. This proved to be a winning combination...

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Recommended by Michelin guide 2018.
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