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Ante Božikov
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There are few places on our planet that have been named national parks, and even rarer are the kind where in the middle of such a pearl of nature you can swim, rest and enjoy top quality seafood delicacies. It is lucky that in such a place there is a beautiful, architecturally perfectly designed konoba (tavern), owned by the family of Ante Božikov, a chef who first learnt his trade on the mainland, so that after that on his ancestral home he would be able to prepare everything that the sea offers him.

In the same named cove there grew a mini marina for 25 boats with draughts of up to three metres, a bar and a small shop, but what is most attractive and delightful is the way that these people wonderfully use everything that they catch themselves or purchase from the local fishermen. So it is best to just give into the expert guidance of the waiter who will warmly recommend the freshest things that they have.

As this part of the island has been more than a century and a half in the family’s ownership, and as they have cultivated typical Mediterranean culture here and cattle are grazed on the pasture, it is clear that fans of local food have something to look forward to. The only happier of them will be fans – of the raw! Namely, from the very beginning it is clear that you must try all the wonders on the menu; from shellfish, all kinds of fish, via sea urchin roe, lobster risotto, various fish salads, only sea cucumbers are all that is missing from the menu…

Looking as though designed, the carpaccio of John Dory with truffles should never be eaten, because it looks so perfect that it would be a shame to start on the beauty. We spoke nicely about it – Mishimi according to the popular singer of Mišo Kovač, because on offer are also sashimi and various marinades, oysters, all the wonders of the sea and surroundings.

Black pasta with sea urchin roe and cherry tomatoes is also one of the favourites from the menu, but the hit of the day was boiled skate wings with local potatoes. This is probably also how it looked about 150 years ago when the people of Murter bought 90% of this archipelago for a small sum. The wine list is superb, and we did not come off the Bibić Debit, which perfectly accompanies the sea.

Ten yachts were moored in front of Opat, we felt as though, in a real paradise, that if we would jump between two dishes into the sea we would emerge amidst the crystal clear blueness…
Stones, a few blades of grass, here and there some sheep, the smell of wild delicacies in the air and a feeling that you should call your office and say that you’ll be late for a couple of days.

The perfect combination of sun, sea, nature and local cooking packed into modern details – Opat is definitively the most beautiful place for a restaurant on the Adriatic.
Nothing better, congratulations!

Author of photography: Miranda Trklja/PIXSELL

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Contact number: 091/224-7878

Web: www.opat-kornati.com

E-mail: dupin.opat@gmail.com

Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 10.00 - 22.00 h

NOTE: Restauran is closed until spring 2018

Region: Dalmatia-Šibenik

Address: Nacionalni Park Kornati; 22243, Kornati

Capacity: 80

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

The restaurant with the sea view is the first place to go for grilled fish, brodet fish stew, boiled, salted or marinated. Capers, garlic, and the ever-present olive oil are the main seasonings. Fresh oysters and crabs are prepared in a stew. Delicious homemade bread is baked every day in a bread oven.
Sweet desserts are also an integral part of what the Opat offers, which you must try.

The culinary experience that you will experience in Opat is based on the tradition of the natural and healthy Mediterranean diet, with foodstuffs from the natural surroundings. The richness of the sea and its fruits, vegetables and seasonings grown on the sunny slopes of Kornati, such a rosemary, bay leaf, sage, basil, capers and olives, give the dishes an authentic aroma and flavour. Only fresh fish caught that morning by local fishermen are used and the restaurant’s daily choice is the surprise of the day.
Along with the exceptional cuisine, there is also a rich wine choice.
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