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The wide-known tavern “Nikola” is situated in the beautiful Stobreč, which is located just outside Split. Although you can’t discern it while entering the restaurant, when you descend the stairs leading to the tavern, you’re in for a really cool blend of traditional and modern design. A blend of wine shelves, flowers, different marine items on the wall and the pleasant smiling staff will clearly let you know that you’ll want to stay at “Nikola” for a longer time.

Tavern “Nikola” is greatly dedicated to fish, although they a have a basic meat selection. Once you lay our eyes on fresh sea delicacies brought before you, you’ll forget about continental food. The daily selection of whitefish and other fish, shellfish and cephalopods will knock you off your feet because it’s a well-known fact that the best catch of the local fishermen ends up here. The proximity of the sea and the quality they owe their good reputation to act as guarantees of the freshness and origin of the sea ingredients.

For starters, you get a dark mahogany red tuna carpaccio on rucola with capers and olive oil from Postir on Brač so this will be a great start to your day with toast and home-baked bread in peka. Prawn and salmon pâté is also a specialty, then you have the classic seafood and octopus salads. The tuna’s colour and flavour are something else as they’ll make you reconsider anything you get when you order tuna afterwards. Fantastic.

Roasted shellfish (warty venus) are prepared to a traditional French recipe with butter, parsley and a dash of garlic and they blend perfectly with the exquisite, light and refreshing Kujunđuša Jerković from Imotski, much like another warm appetizer and that’s Adriatic shrimps on lamb’s lettuce wrapped in courgettes and baked with cheese. We should definitely mention snails prepared in two ways, as well as a selection of three soups based on seafood.

If pasta or a risotto (asparagus, seafood, prawns) don’t satisfy your appetite when it comes to main courses, you can always choose from whole or filleted fresh fish, grilled squids and shrimp, buzara, lobster, homarus or tiger prawns from Neretva... Or, if you’re a party breaker, the previously mentioned classic steaks and grilled veal medallions.

Given that you’re in a tavern, feel free to opt for Adriatic shrimp and you won’t make a mistake - sweet, fresh, drizzled with olive oil and decorated only with coarse sea salt. Aside from the dentex and John Dory, the sea bass was also the fish of the day. It was served with grilled on a purée with saffron with a sour cherry gem - Dingač Roso from Pelješac.

Finally, you have chocolate cake, cheese cake and all kinds of crepes imaginable - we recommend the ones with walnuts and chocolate. Even though Dingač goes great with chocolate, you can choose from about eighty wines from the most famous Croatia regions from Slavonia, Plešivica, Istria to Dalmatia and the islands, more specifically, Krajančić, Matuško, P.Z. Čara, Zlatan Plavac and others...

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Contact number: 021/326-235


Working hours: MON - SUN: 10:00 - 00:00

Region: Dalmatia-Split

Address: Ivankova ul. 42, 21311, Stobreč

Capacity: 0

Price range: 100-200kn

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“Nikola” truly is the pride of its eponymous owner, this is undoubtedly a sanctuary for lovers of phenomenal fish and wine, a place where you’ll stay much longer than you’ve planned originally because you’ll just fall in love with it. Hats off to them and heartily recommended on account of freshness, quality, innovation and pairing. The best of the Adriatic on your plate.

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