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Rajna Knežević
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People say that olive oil runs through Dalmatian arteries and wine through the veins, more specifically Plavac (little blue). The glasses of the citizens of Zadar are also flowing with Marasca sour cherry liqueur, an old cherry variety with a distinctive flavor. The liqueur that is unique in the world was created in the 16th century. The Dominican friars were the first to make it in a convent in Zadar and not just with the meat of the fruit, but also leaves and seeds. Maraschino was enjoyed by French monarchs in the Renaissance period, by Russian emperors, and it was also often found on the tables of Baudelaire and Hitchcock, gathering their inspiration whilst enjoying the prized liqueur.

In Bonaca restaurant, that bears a name that suggests in itself a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere, a small glass of Maraschino is quite a desirable aperitif. While waiting for a platter of ripe goat cheese or young sheep cheese, the thoughts of busy daily life fade away with every sip. They are replaced by images of wooden benches, lovely flowers, a well, and a friendly waiter and waitress of the family restaurant. Also, an image of the owner, bringing the wooden board with daily specialties out on the street while singing, talking to guests and recommending herb or fig schnapps or an aromatic coupage of local wine.

Dishes served in Bonaca send a clear message about the tradition of the Dalmatian region. Brodetto fish stew, once the food of fishermen, is now at the very top of Dalmatian menus. The name of this specialty relates to both the preparation style and name of the dish. It celebrates the abundance of gifts from the sea – fish, crabs and shellfish of the Adriatic. The juices of the sea blend together with the flavors of parsley, garlic and white wine, with the addition of tomatoes and bread crumbs. The chef at Bonaca restaurant combines shrimp, prawns, shellfish and squid, and polenta is the side dish, used to pick up every last drop of the irresistible sauce from the plate, same as you do with white bread. Polenta, once underestimated, despised by the notable citizens, nowadays has an honorary place even on prestigious tables.

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Contact number: 023/779-262; 097/9136-629

Web: www.konobabonaca.com

E-mail: konoba.bonaca@yahoo.com

Working hours: Every day: 11:00 - 23:30h

Region: Dalmatia-Zadar

Address: Trg Tri Bunara 4; 23 000 Zadar

Capacity: 60

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

Bonaca tavern is a family-owned restaurant, forth year in business. They prepare dishes with fresh ingredients, which ensures the regular return of their guests. Here you will always find fresh fish, seafood, meat and pasta, a wide selection of salads and vegetarian food. The prices are affordable to everyone. Their team, led by the mother, Rajna, in charge of tending to your palate, prepares your fish and meat specialties, or one of many risottos or pasta. They also organize various parties of up to 50 persons for you, and their spacious terrace can receive up to 100 guests in the summer and in nice weather.
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