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Vesna Miletić
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Gault&Millau: Traditional cuisine

A charming family restaurant in Zagreb’s Vrhovec Street occupies the very top niche of Croatia’s gourmet scene. Surrounded by a green garden brimming with fragrant roses and aromatic herbs, Tač has turned into one of favourite places to have a meal full of flavours and scents, be it for business or pleasure.

Numerous awards, including a Gault&Millau one, and a framed spoon witnessing that this is the best business lunch restaurant are almost obscured by a vast amount of objects which remind us of times long gone. Against the backdrop of jazz music, your eyes scan antique coffee grinders on the mantel piece, sowing machines and imposing labels on exhibition bottles of wine made by Croatia’s best winemakers. Different photos, lamps and women’s hats from the Charleston period have made their way to the shelves.

Hedonism permeates the menu which is inspired by seasonal cuisine followed by Istrian cuisine. Homemade pasta such as fuži and pljukanci is only the logical choice to have with boškarin žgvacet (traditional Istrian stew made from bošakrin, a traditional Croatian cattle breed). If you haven’t tried žgvacet, you haven’t been exposed to the barrage of flavours provided by olive oil, sautéed tomatoes, onion... pure bliss!

The selection of daily soups also reflects the season. Asparagus and baby carrots come along with the advent of spring and the list is further agreed with nature. Black pig ribs is a delicacy no meat lover should miss out on. They’ve been aged and smoked to just the right degree so no seasoning is required. The meat is so tender it melts just by looking at it, yet it still has an aroma and texture you won’t forget. They’re served on a wooden board together with potatoes and a few sprinkles of green herbs just to make an impression and remind us that only natural flavours are allowed. Timing is essential at Tač. Especially if you’d like to try the owner’s culinary magic. Vesna Miletić’s ajvar has a cult following. Some say it’s the best they’ve ever tried. To find out for yourself you’ll have to come in the autumn. Come Christmas and it will be too late...

Author of photography: Danijel Berković/PIXSELL

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Contact number: 01/3776-757

Web: www.restac.hr/html/index.html

E-mail: info@restac.hr

Working hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 12:00-00:00

Region: City of Zagreb

Address: Vrhovec 140, 10 000 Zagreb

Capacity: 0

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

The restaurant is run by the Miletić family, namely, Tihomir -Tač, his wife Vesna and their sons. They all share a common passion for catering and good food. Mrs Vesna is occupied with interior decoration and with receiving of guests, while her husband Tač takes care of supplies. It is very important to mention that the restaurant is supplied by the best Croatian food producers and has on its menu, according to the period of the year, Istrian asparagus, truffles, wild rucola, Istrian beef (boškarin), Dalmatian loin (pečenice), prosciutto ham, kulen sausage, venison sausages and other specialties.
The best definition of the cuisine of TAČ would be: Istrian and continental Croatian cuisine, with the influence of all other gastronomic traditions shaped by this area’s past and present.
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