Sv. Nikola Restaurant

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Marko Mostovi i Martin Bukovac
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Just under a three-hour drive away from Zagreb, downtown Poreč is perhaps even more beautiful during early season as the mood is incredibly tranquil. The scents of the Mediterranean timidly fill the nostrils of visitors from the interior who are used to the bitter cold, and the only thing better than a nice walk is a superb lunch. Recently lauded by Michelin, Sv. Nikola Restaurant is the ideal place for that...

It’s situated right on the waterfront and occupies the ground and upper floor with two stunning old arches giving view of the island and faraway coast. For the sixth consecutive year Sv. Nikola is creating a place where you’ll be able to unwind and enjoy seasonal specialties based on local ingredients.
With the sound of contemporary Spanish and French music and overlooking the smooth sea, there are plenty of Croatian sparkling wines to choose from in addition to a respectable wine list predominantly composed of local winemakers (Kozlović, Benvenutti) so at first we were caught up by malvasia and later on we switched to an exceptional Brčić cabernet sauvignon. You can get wine stemming from Pelješac, Slavonia, Italy and France and they even have a wine label from Canada! Over 80 labels altogether...

Be ready for a rich assortment of all kinds of carpaccio containing octopus, smoked swordfish, shrimp, prawn, beef tenderloin... In addition to that, there are five kinds of soup made from seafood, shrimp, bubbly sea bass soup and a specialty – Motovunska šuma ( Motovun wood ) soup with truffles and mushrooms. Not quite photogenic, but forest rangers love it, delicious...
There are several varieties of pasta. You can choose from gnocchi, pljukanci (traditional hand rolled pasta), fuži (traditional Istrian thin pasta), tagliatelle, fettucine as well as about ten kinds of risotto. Sv. Nikola still takes greatest pride in its selection of fresh whitefish. Of course, you can also find warty venus, oysters, mussels and scallops, but we ended up having sea bass fillet with asparagus and truffle sauce. Indeed, a daunting combination of tender fish flesh and strong mushroom flavour, but the result was astounding.
A group of Czech tourists occupying a table next to us hungrily wolfed down three kinds of beefsteak so this part of the menu shouldn’t be ignored. And neither should loins, chicken fillets, lamb chops, duck breast...

The chef selected a dairy dessert naturally called “Sv. Nikola” which is a great ice-cream sweet sour combination of all kinds of goodies such as Bailey’s, wild berries and truffles. Generally speaking, it’s a phenomenal way to finish off your day.
At Sv. Nikola you’ll just love the sea view, wall details, neat table and their innovative cuisine. Poreč rules, check out why!

Author of photography: Dusko Marusic/PIXSELL

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Contact number: 052/ 423 018



Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 11:00 - 01:00 h

Region: Istria

Address: Obala M. Tita 23, 52440 Poreč

Capacity: 140

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

Sv. Nikola Restaurant is situated at the Poreč waterfront across its namesake island. The restaurant encompasses two opulent floors and an outdoor terrace. Its high service standard and food preparation dominated by local specialties accompanied with a wide array of outstanding Istrian, Croatian and international wines explain why it figures so prominently.

Specialties at Sv. Nikola Restaurant include numerous innovative dishes with fish panna cotta on Grana Padano chips with dogwood jam, bubbly sea bass soup, fish fillet saint Mauro in dandelion bud and black truffle sauce, and chocolate marquis deserving particular attention.

Sv. Nikola Restaurant possesses a unique breath-taking environment where the blue sea merges with an astounding view of the eponymous island, whereas the sunset and the romantic music create the perfect backdrop for a remarkable gastronomic sensation of Istria.

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Recommended by Michelin Guide 2018
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